What’s Up Interview: The Mulhern Brothers, Leading Voices on RI Radio | Panda Anku

Sustaining a long-term career in Rhode Island radio is not easy. It’s even more unusual considering that siblings can do it.

Consider it. Brian Mulhern, current co-host of the morning show on Cat Country 98.1FM, and Kevin Mulhern, producer of the Paul & Al morning show on 94 HJY, have been “doing” radio on and off for three decades.

It’s a Friday morning before a three-day weekend, and I’m sitting at Cat Country studios watching Brian and his co-host Courtney Kelley do their morning thing. “She’s been my co-host for two years, but I’ve known her for 20 years,” says Brian. They juggle phone calls, traffic breaks, commercials and oh yes, music.

Brian Mulhern

Kevin works at another radio studio down the hall.

This morning’s topic is a local woman complaining about the noise players are making at a nearby pickleball court. That sets off a series of calls from people talking about noises that bother them. Fireworks, dogs barking and neighbors playing music too loud at night. “It’s okay if they play Cat Country,” says Mulhern.

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