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Advanced audiovisual technology plays a key role in effective corporate communication and collaboration, making it central to fostering positive corporate culture and engagement. In a workplace where many of us rely on AV more than ever, investing in employee engagement and infrastructure is key to creating a better culture and reducing turnover.

It is estimated that employee departures are already costing the global economy $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, Building new work environments that are more resilient to change has never been more important.

Quality design is key for AV conferencing solutions, and when done right, technology design enables productive, versatile, and flexible environments. So what does high-quality design look like in the age of hybrid working?

Key features in new AV conferencing products
The last few years have introduced a whole new group of end users to video conferencing and how AV can enable a variety of work functions remotely without sacrificing productivity.

Effective communication is essential for businesses in any industry, with user experience also fundamental to successful AV conferencing integration. AV conferencing products are therefore an essential part of the modern office. No longer relegated to the boardroom, AV can save staff time and maximize functionality if the infrastructure is properly designed. With advanced AI systems like facial recognition, user-friendly interface to easily switch between video, audio and microphone, wireless screen sharing for improved interactivity and brand integration, these features and many more AV users offer unexpected benefits and improve their everyday productivity.

Involving the development of AV and all-in-one products
AV has evolved itself beyond recognition in recent years. Today, AV is more portable than ever, with a wide range of easy-to-use, all-in-one products on the market that are simply plug-and-play ready. The move from bulkier tech to all-in-one conference cameras has streamlined the entire experience; from faster setup times to fewer technical issues. In addition, new wide-angle lenses offer a greatly improved field of view to open the frame panel.

Ad hoc calling and meeting features have also enabled teammates to collaborate in real time. In a world where you’re muted, fine-tuning features like AI speaker tracking technology are a real asset, adding emotion and connecting your audience with the visual.

Quality versus quantity in mass production
Employees are unlikely to return to a 40-hour office week 40% of workers worldwide are spending more time on video calls today than in 2021For MAXHUB, this means a simple, plug-and-play workflow for any workspace, station, or meeting room, allowing employees to collaborate from anywhere.

In the bring-your-own-device world of work, it is crucial for AV brands to quickly adapt to changing market demands as demand continues to grow. Investment in quality control as part of this is essential to enable real functionality in a work environment. Quality AV design must reflect a real quality product, which means extensive AV testing in everything from reliability to safety regulations to electromagnetic compatibility. Shortcuts cannot be taken to simply produce endless devices. Only quality design within AV will result in the collaborative and productive workspaces that organizations desire.

productive spaces
Pre-pandemic meeting rooms typically offered basic amenities like projectors or screens, perhaps a conferencing system, and an open space to discuss issues. This is no longer sufficient for today’s hybrid world and does not offer employees a functional and focused work environment. It’s important that meeting spaces are properly designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce, and basic conferencing systems are upgraded with tools like project management platforms, cloud services, and all-in-one AV devices to boost productivity.

Today’s AV design really shines when used to bridge the gap between in-room and online meeting participants, providing a collaborative and productive meeting experience. Investing in quality AV equipment improves employee engagement and equips employees with the tools to collaborate effectively. By solving communication problems, AV saves employees time, improves productivity, and achieves the results organizations strive for.

Providing a user-friendly infrastructure for better communication inside and outside your office space is not just about buying the most popular technology. It is critical that the design of the technology is carefully considered to provide employees with purposeful, engaging spaces in which to leverage and enhance their experiences in person or remotely. As AV continues to grow as a market, now is the time for businesses to invest in the highest quality AV that meets their needs. This is possible at low cost without having to forego quality. It’s clear that AV design really matters. By making sure your setup meets your unique needs and includes the key features that matter most to you — like portability, all-in-one, and AI speaker tracking technology — your business will stay ahead of the competition be.

Tony McCool is UK & Ireland Sales Director at MAXHUB.

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