“We’re Proud of Johnny Depp”: The internet has hailed the actor for his successful comeback with multi-million dollar brand endorsements, sold-out art galleries and new film projects | Panda Anku

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp and his controversy surrounding Amber Heard is no longer unknown to anyone. Despite winning the defamation case, something new emerges every day to add a new layer to the case, but amidst it all, the actor seems to be doing his best to get his life back on track. He is trying to revitalize his career in different fields like art, acting and music and even his fans are over the moon with these developments in his career. Fans are all over the internet as the actor makes new announcements regarding his brand endorsements and movies.

Johnny Depp played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

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How does Johnny Depp’s career rise from the dead?

One of the latest news that has caused quite a stir in Johnny Depp’s army is the actor’s new deal with fragrance brand Dior. Depp previously worked with Dior in 2015, but following allegations from Amber Heard, the ad stopped airing. The company also supported the actor during the defamation proceedings. Now the contract has been signed again The Pirates of the Caribbean fame is once again chosen as the face of the Cologne-based company.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp seen at a ceremony.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

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Not only in brand promotion, but also Depp’s acting career has been treated with love and appreciation as the first look from his upcoming new film Jeanne du Barry was revealed. The French feature film is based on the life of King Louis XV’s last royal mistress, based on the title character. The film is supposed to be Johnny Depp’s comeback to the big screens after a long time. In the film he is portrayed as King Louis XV. has been cast and the first glimpse of his revealed character has already sparked sparks of excitement from fans.

After the glamor section, the Jack Sparrow actor is also making strides with his artworks as he recently sold his art collection which was wiped off the market in no time by buyers who agreed to pay hefty sums for the artworks .

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Fans rave about Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may seize Amber Heard's California home
Fans applaud Johnny Depp on Twitter

As Johnny Depp’s career seems to be on the rise again, fans are showering the actor with love and respect. Twitter was flooded with tweets praising him:

So fans seem more than happy with the steps Johnny Depp has taken to revitalize his career. Depending on the case, there have been some recent developments as many stars have withdrawn their support for Depp following some new documents. It will be interesting to see in which direction the legal drama will continue.

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