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By Charles Ellingsen


Connecting with others and exploring new ways of communicating has always been a passion of humankind. Thanks to the invention of the internet and the proliferation of smart devices, we now carry a wealth of information in our pockets.

However, the internet is still a relatively new invention and it is not surprising that as a society we are still figuring out how best to utilize this resource. The Internet is constantly evolving and rapidly changing the way we connect and how we communicate. The move from Web1 to Web2 went unnoticed by the general public; Back then, big corporations like Google and Facebook found ways to monetize Web1.

The move from Web1/2 to Web3 was noticed by the general public, with headlines ranging from “crypto millionaires” to “the latest scam”. Web3 demands our attention and the development of this amazing technology is a collaborative effort of people from all over the world – and everyone is invited.

The remote web3

Web3 is a new way of connecting to each other over the Internet – but the concept isn’t on everyone’s lips yet. It acts as a layer on top of the current Web1/ and Web2 Internet and provides many solutions to challenges we have with today’s Internet. But similar to the James Webb Space Telescope mission, it’s still unclear how it will unfold and what Web3 discoveries will change the future.

The idea of ​​Web3 is like a space photograph of an object light years away taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. Its high definition picture is much better than a baby monitor camera which like Web1 and Web2 is just a floor or room away.

The technology produces a sharper photo, but people feel like they can’t touch it yet, so people are scared. It’s common for people to shy away from what they can’t comprehend and so just write it off as “the future.”

But the future is now. Adoption can take time and be difficult. People are wary of changing their established social norms for no good reason, but that doesn’t mean the technology is bad.

In fact, the technology is robust and the possibilities are still being explored. Normally humans need time to adapt to new technologies and we are currently in this process of human-technology relationship where humans decide to use or not to use a technology based on the currently prevailing social norms .

Making Web3 mainstream requires a shift in the community, and that shift isn’t easy to make. It requires a new way of thinking, a new way of interacting, and a new way of developing.

To make Web3 mainstream, we need to make it accessible and accessible to everyone. Access means adoption.

In bear markets we build

It’s no secret that another crypto winter has arrived. Web3 technologies are currently experiencing the impact of this crypto crash. Many people panic and sell their holdings, but those who remain strong are building a solid foundation for long-term investing.

Web3 is a technology that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, but it has also seen its share of storms. In the past few months, the global crypto market cap has dropped significantly. This has led to the devaluation of cryptocurrencies, causing many people to sell their holdings and panic.

While the crypto crash is taking place, the company is working on the development of its infrastructure in Web3 technology. At such a low price, it offers an entry point for many. With the innovative developing business in Web3, there is a high possibility that the price of the tokens will increase in the future.

Web3 today

The current state of Web3 is at the level of the 1997-1998 Internet and it’s safe to say we’re all very early in the party. Many companies are currently working on a range of Web3 technologies, from startups to large corporations.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding blockchain technology, and the technology is rapidly maturing to offer more innovative solutions. It is still in the process of development and adjustment to solve a variety of problems.

On the one hand, Web3 technology has the potential to change the way people interact over the Internet. On the other hand, it has also been used as a money-making opportunity by a number of groups and individuals. Many people who have experienced the potential of Web3 for Internet change are now beginning to explore the potential of the technology to make big bucks.

looking ahead

Web3 technology is rapidly changing the way people interact over the Internet. This new technology also promises to revolutionize the way we connect and solve everyday challenges.

The possibilities with Web3 are truly endless; It’s the missing piece of internet needed to give people back a healthy shift in wealth and power. Anyone with access to a phone and the internet can access Web3 and explore its enormous potential.

Now it’s only a matter of time before we see massive mass adoption.

About the author:

Charles Ellingsen is the founder and CEO of Unity Network. A passionate innovator who believes in harnessing the power of technology, he and his team aim to bring DeFi to the masses through a single-token ecosystem of easy-to-use decentralized finance applications. To learn more about Unity Network and the company’s mission, please visit: https://www.unitynetwork.app/.

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