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Ahhhh, the early internet. Nothing evokes so nostalgic feelings in me as memories of the burgeoning days of mass Internet adoption. That’s probably partly because of my age – I was then in a very feverish, impressionable phase of my youth – and also because of the time when the late Empire atmosphere was strong before the fall in the Anglo-Imperial core – but it’s undeniable that the Internet was a wild place in the late ’90s, relatively free from the oppressive, all-consuming corporate control it lives under today, with niche interests, a hundredfold options, and a ramshackle but fun architecture galore. Before the monopolists stomped onto the scene and locked everything in their open-air prisons filled with infinite scrolling treadmills and illusions of choice, there was real Finding choice on the internet – with all the unpredictability, naivety and gonzo zigs that went with it. Twitter users recently reflected on this innocent time of opportunity when comedian Justin McElroy posted the following prompt:

The answers were a flood of feelings:

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