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Engineered with secure protocols and anti-cyberbullying features; Commit to redefining digital connectivity as we know it and driving commerce within Africa; Influencers and communities worldwide are gearing themselves to the advantage of “early adopters”; Available on web portal, Android app and IOS apps for women worldwide.

TWAA – a mentoring and digital community-based social media company from Africa – is launching a “Women in Tech” community on its platform to connect women-led communities with technology. TWAA seeks to make an impact in the world of networking, with a focus on tools for community mobilization, content sharing and networking targeting the female economy.

TWAA was founded by African media and technology entrepreneur Irene Kiwia and incubated and invested by leading pan-African venture studio Adanian Labs. TWAA is a platform for women around the world to build groups and manage their communities in a safe space. The platform includes multi-tools for content creation and sharing; collaboration and co-creation, group management; a marketplace for products and services; Group and individual care and much more.

“TWAA was designed to provide women with a relevant platform that addresses critical issues in digital connectivity, including privacy, an inherently engineered protection against cyberbullying, inclusivity, accessibility, and an oversimplified personal portal that empowers women to build and manage their communities more efficiently and effectively – with mentoring being a key component. Built by women for women, TWAA addresses different nuances specific to what women find relevant to using and interacting with technology,” said Irene Kiwia, Founder of TWAA.

TWAA has been in beta mode on its web portal since October 2020 ( and the Android app version went live in May 2021, with the IOS app launching today.

TWAA currently has over 25,000 members from over 35 countries. It’s open to early adopters who can benefit from building a solid wave of connections and becoming the platform’s first influencers as the membership base grows.

“What’s fascinating about TWAA is the fact that it’s designed to encourage female inclusion and provide users with an exciting, easy-to-use experience with features that streamline engagement like never before. For the first time I feel like I have a platform that ticks the most important things that I needed the most in my personal development journey. It’s absolutely empowering!” said Linda Caroline, a TWAA member and Project Manager at Bureau Veritas.

“I’ve managed multiple women’s communities on different platforms and it has always been overwhelming to deliver value as everything is scattered with a user journey that is tiring for both me as a community manager and my network members. TWAA gives me a one stop platform to host my groups and interact seamlessly with each group as the group management tools accommodate everything I need to grow and add value to my group… from member management, a Content portal, marketplace, video conferencing tool to networking tools, all with one click.” said Jane Thomas, a women empowerment advocate in South Africa.

Although the TWAA platform is relatively new, the social media world has shown how quickly networking platforms can grow. We’ve seen newly launched social apps go viral and become global sensations almost overnight, raking in billions of dollars in a short span of time.

“Our mission at TWAA is to empower women with digital tools that help them create tremendous value for themselves and their communities. We have built a platform with women in mind, addressing safety and cyberbullying issues, and the platform is working to counteract this. We also know how important communities are to women and we made sure to provide them with a platform that allows them to build and manage communities in a value-added way. We’re launching a Women in Tech community on TWAA to connect key technology stakeholders with women in technology to bridge accessibility in terms of capacity, knowledge, information, tools and resources. We envision a community where women who want to join the tech space in Africa interact, learn and share values ​​and collaborate.”

Here’s what you need to know about TWAA, the women’s platform that may soon be connecting the female world and women-led communities worldwide and creating exponential value.

On the TWAA platform, members can create groups and invite their communities to join and engage in mentoring, knowledge sharing, video chat, conversations and other forms of collaboration. Members can see other members and their profiles and connect with each other. Members can also set up groups, with the person who creates the group inheriting admin rights to set up group logs.

Members can also showcase their products and services in the Store – the platform’s internal marketplace – set up their speaker’s biography on the speaker portal, and view books in the bookstore to ensure they are accessible worldwide.

Members can also interact with built-in content sharing features, including item descriptions, short posts, video posts, photo sharing, and podcasts. The content is well segmented to allow members to access video, audio, written and all other content on dedicated portals, with the timeline giving the platform an edge in feature options.

Signing up for TWAA is easy. You can access the platform via or download the app from the Android Play Store or IOS App Store and set up your profile. The biggest appeal of the platform is that it feels like all your favorite platforms and digital tools have merged into one fabulous portal, allowing for seamless interaction in one place.

TWAA members can sign up as individuals or as an organization, each with a different dashboard experience. Several organizations sign up to the platform, including Bureau Veritas, a world leader in standardization, which was among the first organizations to use the platform to run an internal capacity-building program for the women in their organization.

TWAA is also running a campaign to get influencers, content creators, women’s groups, women’s associations and companies around the world to join the platform and use it as a tool to build a valuable offering to empower women in different sectors .

The platform can be used across industries and discourses as a forum for different topics. Be it fashion, beauty, science and technology, innovation, entrepreneurship or any other type of activism, TWAA provides the relevant tools to connect, mobilize, engage and influence.

Given the current technology landscape, it’s exciting to see an African innovation scaling globally and the future looks bright for TWAA as it grows both in its membership base and profile, and disrupting the way women engage with connect and interact on social platforms.

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