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As the XaaS (anything as a service) landscape continues to gain momentum, consolidating multiple cloud platforms is becoming increasingly popular. Today’s teams rely on many cloud-hosted tools to stay productive in a hybrid and remote work environment. This makes investing in solutions like UCaaS and CCaaS an essential step in digital transformation.

For many vendors, the convergence of cloud environments represents an excellent opportunity to provide enterprises with a single pane of glass environment for communications. Therefore, we see more comprehensive solutions emerging to unify the contact center with the back-end communications realm.

If you’re looking for a way to consolidate your UCaaS and CCaaS investments, the following reviews provide excellent insight into some of the most popular products available.

Vonage for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of the leading solutions for business leaders, creating an all-in-one hub for the virtual workforce. Teams is a centralized environment that offers both collaboration tools and productivity features; Teams helps employees stay productive anywhere. The solution also provides access to a range of UCaaS solutions through Microsoft and direct routing partners.

Vonage for Microsoft Teams brings the power of Vonage Business Communications to the Microsoft ecosystem. The service comes with a set of contact center components ideal for those looking to integrate elements of the CCaaS landscape into Teams. You can use visual voicemail, click-to-dial VoIP functionality and more within Teams.

Our Vonage for Microsoft Teams report provides a behind-the-scenes look at all the features of this powerful addition to the Teams space, including insights into pricing options. Give it a try to learn more about expanding your Teams investment.

Computer Talk for Microsoft Teams

Another excellent option for companies with an existing investment in the Teams ecosystem, ComputerTalk brings UCaaS and CCaaS together in a familiar environment. As a dedicated Microsoft Teams partner, ComputerTalk has years of experience working with Microsoft technology to support modern business users.

The ComputerTalk integration for Teams offers many powerful features not found in other major contact center solutions, including customer surveys, team monitoring, and real-time reporting. You can even integrate the whole environment with other tools your employees use every day, like Salesforce and Zendesk.

This comprehensive review of ComputerTalk for Microsoft Teams shows you exactly what you can achieve when you add new CCaaS capabilities to your Teams environment using the “extend” model. We cover all the key features, from mobile connectivity to recordings and transcripts.

Mitel MiCloud

Delivered by a major communications provider, Mitel MiCloud is one of the most comprehensive communications platforms on the market today. The solution includes everything you need for unified communications, including management tools, voice messaging, web and audio conferencing, and call recording capabilities.

You will also find a diverse selection of contact center tools in the kit. You can build a valuable ecosystem for tracking calls and managing customer conversations. CRM integrations and a powerful outbound autodialer are available. There’s also a great reception console for agents to organize client meetings.

In our Mitel MiCloud review, we show you all the features you can get from MiCloud as a tool to connect UCaaS and CCaaS functions. We even take a look at the differences between the desktop and mobile clients for the app.

NEC Univerge Blue

As a pioneer in the world of synergy of UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, NEC introduced Univerge Blue to align teams and increase productivity. The all-in-one environment links collaboration functions such as team chat and video conferencing with standard CCaaS tools. You can access numerous enterprise-level calling features, phone routing, call forwarding, and integrations.

NEC Univerge Blue integrates with your Microsoft Teams instance and provides an omnichannel environment for text, video, phone and chat calls. There’s also a simple environment for creating automated workflows, so you can increase employee efficiency and productivity by reducing the number of repetitive tasks teams complete each day.

Univerge Blue offers customized agent status insights, video conferencing and virtual PA support. You can learn more about the whole environment by reading our end-to-end review of Univerge Blue technology here.

8×8 XCaaS

8×8 combines all types of communication technology solutions in a single environment with the XCaaS ecosystem. This service, officially launched in 2021, eliminates communication silos by combining customer experience and employee experience in one pane of glass. The technology has contact center capabilities for inbound and outbound interactions, as well as business phone services.

Like many of the leading all-in-one cloud platform providers, 8×8 Teams provides the tools they need to empower a distributed workforce, such as: B. Team chat experiences and video conferencing tools. There are also fantastic CPaaS APIs that you can use to implement various new features for chat, speech analytics, and more.

In our 8×8 XCaaS review, we tell you everything you need to know about this unified landscape and the benefits it brings to modern teams.

Avaya OneCloud

Another powerful option for businesses in the cloud ecosystem, Avaya’s OneCloud technology is an all-in-one ecosystem for communications. You can access voice, video and data in the same room and robust contact center capabilities. OneCloud is a highly scalable and flexible platform that integrates with a range of other tools used by today’s business leaders.

OneCloud technology offers a variety of video conferencing, collaboration, and unified messaging tools to explore. You can also access cutting-edge security and dedicated mobile apps to keep your employees connected on the go. Your productivity is sure to evolve with an all-in-one space for your contact center agents and back-end specialists.

In our comprehensive OneCloud review, we discuss the latest features of OneCloud and the powerful features that set it apart from other UCaaS/CCaaS offerings.

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