The internet applauds the couple’s “ice-cold” revenge on their neighbor over the dandruff dispute | Panda Anku

Online commentators applauded a homeowner who said he recently “got revenge” on a neighbor who reported him for breaking the code.

The homeowner wrote on the Malicious Compliance Reddit forum under the username u/Monteflash, “So you want to make sure our shed is coded?” The post received over 19,000 upvotes and more than 470 comments. You can read the full post here.

Bad neighbors

In March 2022, LendingTree surveyed 1,537 people about their neighbors and found that a whopping 73 percent of them dislike at least one of their neighbors. Being loud, being “curious,” and having “weird vibes” were among the main reasons for this disdain.

“In today’s hot housing market, where prices are high and inventory limited, the unfortunate reality is that some people may have no choice but to live near someone they don’t like,” said Jacob Channel, Senior Economic Analyst at LendingTree a publication. “And while it can certainly be annoying to get ‘bad vibes’ from a neighbor, they might be worth grappling with if it means you have an affordable apartment.”

Here is a photo of neighbors arguing. Online commentators applauded a homeowner who recently “got revenge” on a neighbor who reported a grievance about his property.

Speak with men’s magazineNew York-based conflict resolution specialist Kathy Neily said the best way to resolve a neighborly dispute is to discuss the matter face-to-face on neutral ground.

“Leave it on the ‘I,’ like in ‘I have a hard time falling asleep at this volume of your music.’ Starting sentences with ‘you’ feels like a lesson and puts people on the defensive,” Neily said. “After making your ‘I’ statement, stop what they have to say. The more you listen respectfully, the better your chances of communicating your version of the scenario.”

However, u/Monteflash and her spouse decided to take a different approach.

“Malicious Compliance”

“Our neighbor reported our old (but sturdy) shed to the city without a permit as too big,” u/Monteflash wrote at the beginning of their post. “[So an] Inspector comes out, measures [and finds that] No, the shed is well under size restrictions and does not require a permit.”

After speaking to the inspector, u/Monteflash and her husband learned a few things, the first being that they could actually build a ‘bigger and better’ shed. Second, her neighbor used to work in her local planning department, which meant she probably knew her shed was compliant.

“[She] was obviously just trying to cause trouble,” said u/Monteflash.

They also learned that their neighbor’s property had several problems, but chose not to report her. Instead, they built a larger shed.

“We tear down the shed and hope [the] Neighbor rejoices smugly. For three weeks we don’t do anything, well, except make plans, buy materials, lay the foundation and hire some builders to help us. Then, one Saturday, our gorgeous big new shed is up!” exclaimed u/Monteflash.

A few weeks later, her neighbor requested another inspection.

“Of course the inspection [went] fine. Well except [for] these violations [our] neighbor’s property. This unauthorized open fire pit built right against the retaining wall and fence is a concern, we don’t want it burning down our new shed,” concluded u/Monteflash. “She has a few [of] Guys out there are pounding concrete right now. I think I’ll offer them some cold drinks from the mini fridge in the new shed.”

news week asked u/Monteflash for a comment.

Redditors respond

Redditors applauded u/Monteflash’s take on revenge, calling the story “hilarious.”

“Hilarious! Well played,” wrote u/FlattenInnterTube.

“I love that you waited three weeks before building the new shed. Just enough time for her to feel smug!” u/suelleker said.

“The patience with it makes it sooo good,” commented u/Highplowp.

Redditor u/DrAgaricus added, “Hmm this revenge was served ice cold with a squeeze of lemon, love it.”

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