The group of companies works together to provide innovative solutions in the industrial sector | Panda Anku

Deploying innovative solutions that reduce project risk and increase productivity will help drive adherence to schedules and budgets, says engineering contractor Prommac.

That focus, it adds, will also result in “happy employees.” [being] more likely to do their best in all aspects of their job” as a “positive project delivery team will work better and harder to achieve a common goal”.

Prommac is held by the holding company CG Tech and works with other subsidiaries (such as New Age Engineering Solutions and Virtulab) when required.

Prommac, which offers innovative maintenance, shutdown and multi-discipline project solutions, explains that in today’s world it is vital to remain aware that technology is available to “those who are informed and willing to explore the possibilities within , greater efficiency offers new advances”.

For example, simulating construction execution strategies in brownfield sites through the use of digital replicas with sequential execution animation is “an example of utilizing digital data and testing practical execution”.

This approach visually demonstrates the alignment of the stakeholder interface and significantly reduces project risk, says Prommac.

The company says it remains at the forefront of innovation and technology, working closely with customers to “proactively deliver the best solutions safely, on time and on budget.”

This is done, for example, through Prommac’s planning and preparation for the implementation of complex shutdowns in the oil and gas sector.

“This attention to detail has honed our planning capabilities so that the execution of challenging brownfield projects can be better managed with a higher degree of on-time delivery. This, along with our animation of critical activities for execution strategy and alignment with stakeholders, sets us apart,” the company says of its competitors.

Prommac uses intrinsically safe tablets, drones and lidar scanning in conjunction with self-developed bespoke software solutions such as the company’s digital quality control package and daily diary.

Prommac will be exhibiting at Electra Mining Africa in September along with New Age Engineering Solutions and Virtulab.


Proudly known as a trusted engineering, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and plumbing service provider, New Age Engineering Solutions has built its success over the past 19 years on four main pillars: the pursuit of excellence, advanced technology integration, accessible attitude and talented and skilled workforce.

This, the company says, provides a strong base for the company to “deliver excellent service.”

The company’s vision is to revolutionize the SMEIP industry through innovation and excellence. Some of the company’s services include plant shutdown solutions, turnkey project management, bolted joint integrity and flange management, and on-site mechanical and welding maintenance.

The company also offers welders coded in exotic materials.

Over the years, New Age has provided services to clients in the oil and gas, mining and nuclear power industries.

In addition, New Age also works with partners who understand trends in specific industries, particularly mining, electrical engineering, automation, manufacturing and transportation.


Virtulab, the innovation arm of CG Tech, aims to be an all-in-one platform for events, education, corporate training and office space.

It is designed to maximize engagement and productivity in an uncertain world through its Virtuworx platform, which offers real experiences and real human connections while saving time, money and reducing carbon footprint.

Launched in 2020, the advantage of Virtuworx is its ability to offer customers access to two platforms for a seamless experience, the company explains.

Virtuworx Immerse is a three-dimensional, downloadable, interactive and hyper-realistic environment, avatar-based virtual platform.

Virtuworx Connect, on the other hand, is a two-dimensional web-based virtual platform that enables users to create user-friendly events, meetings and exhibitions of any size.

“We understand that every client and every project is different. Everyone has their own pain points, goals, and budgets. In short, if no two customers are the same, why should the solutions be like this?” the company notes.

Virtuworx is made up of a small, innovative team, which allows it to remain agile and develop bespoke digital solutions for each client, tailored to their needs and goals.

“This allows us to offer virtual solutions that know no boundaries,” the company says, adding that “in this day and age, companies are desperate for a digital counterpart to bypass the limitations of the physical world.”

Virtulab explains that it has become exceedingly obvious that relying solely on video conferencing tools is “not a solution” and that “with increasing demands from employees to include immersive and inspirational components, Virtuworx “provides the means to make real and real experiences to enable human connections, virtually”.

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