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Mullets are as quintessentially American as it gets — at least according to the USA Mullet Championships, a national competition that honors only the best and bushiest of the iconic hairstyle. Some of this year’s children’s finalists have received viral attention thanks to atwet with their entry pics, and the internet couldn’t help but be charmed by the championship’s youngest entrants.

The contest currently has 25 kids from 15 states listed as finalists on its official website, four of whom were featured in a tweet sent out by @piscesgurl69 on Tuesday. Although the original post, which amassed over 200,000 likes and 22,000 retweets, poked fun at the names of four of the contestants, other users were quick to do so was interested in the “radical” styles on the screen.

“Looks damn cool” said one userwhile another complained that they wanted to be “half as cool” as one of the kids. Even cooler is the $2,500 prize offered to the winner, according to the contest website.

Mullet Mania

The business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back hairstyle got its official name in 1994 thanks to the Beastie Boys song “Mullet Head,” and though the classic Kentucky waterfall may have gone out of style by now In the The work of the venerable rebel has certainly not been forgotten in the 1990s. In fact, a 2021 study by OnePoll, commissioned by Sports Clips Haircuts, found that one in five men is ready for a mullet comeback. Of the 2,000 men surveyed, 20 percent chose the mullet as a superior option to other old-school styles, including curtain bangs and undercuts, putting the iconic ’80s look a leg above the rest.

Although the USA Mullet Championships promotes its own online Hall of Fame, which includes well-known figures such as Billy Ray Cyrus, TV character Kenny Powers (portrayed by Danny McBride), Blake Shelton and Patrick Swayze, younger generations are also having a rise von Mullet notes interest in “neck warmer” style. Research collected by Cosmetify found that the mullet saw a 142 percent increase in searches in 2021, making it the most searched hairstyle of the year with 15.5 million hits.

While some have speculated on the popularity of Joe Exotic’s trademark trademark from the infamous pandemic watch King of the Tigers (2020) might have something to do with it, or just the general rise in DIY haircuts during the COVID-19 lockdowns, others have noted the trend is making its way into celebrity culture.

Apparently modeled after her father, Miley Cyrus showed off a new take on the look in late 2019, dubbed the “modern mullet,” and arguably spearheaded the revival with a style that takes the classic shag with a little less front-to-back contrast imitated. She’s in good company in 2022, with other big names like Demi Lovato, Zendaya, Billie Eilish, Kesha, and Rihanna jumping on the bandwagon. Just yesterday, JoJo Siwa caused a stir by debuting her own controversial mullet style.

Miley Cyrus has been credited with bringing the ’80s hairstyle back into fashion.
Amy Sussman/Getty

There will be winners

As for the USA Mullet Championships winners, fans will have to wait a little longer for the results. Voting for the Kids and Teen divisions is open online until August 19, while those wishing to compete in the Femullet and Mane Event competitions should plan to submit their entries soon. The championships, in partnership with Major League Eating, a competitive eating organization, have also invited those with worthy hair to compete in live events across multiple states across the United States

However, according to the official USA Mullet Championships Facebook page, the youngest entrants are already “having a blast.”

“The Kids Contest has officially started [sic] viral! Wow!” read a post Wednesday, “These kids are having a blast and we love it.”

Although Arkansas’ Rustin, Oklahoma’s Landry, Ohio’s William and Texas’ Epic were the four children featured in the original viral tweet, all of the contestants seem to have turned fans out of many netizens.

“The kids deserve it. As a former mullet owner, I know how difficult it can be to tame and control them,” said Facebook user Joey Baker.

tough competition

A Twitter user urged commentators to “Vote for Rowan! This kid grew her hair out for 3 years just for that!” Others confirmed votes for candidate Lincoln, who said, “He will donate all proceeds to help the victims of the [Buffalo, New York] Shoot.”

Another joked that caring for a mullet is “not a look, it’s a lifestyle,” while a few others joked about how down-to-earth “American” mullets are.

“I’m pretty sure they could just call it ‘mullet championships.’ I can’t imagine confusing that with any other country.” said Twitter user @USBP_ret. Other answer called the “Core America” ​​style.

Some even began placing bets on their favorites to win and donned amateur judges’ caps to debate their choices.

“I just don’t understand how Epic can’t get away with it. The competition is good.” said @RudeAwakening13, “William is definitely an experienced vet…”

“Tough competition in the mullet race. I truly believe the Wisconsin kid has the best Mississippi mudflap,” said one lover. However, Austin in AR has a great Kentucky waterfall. Could really be down to the jury’s style preferences.”

Though many Twitter users have cited Rustin as their current pick for the crown, they seem to agree the competition is tough this year.

news week has reached out to the USA Mullet Championships for comment.

mullet man
The USA Mullet Championships Kids Division finalists have garnered attention online for keeping the classic “dos” alive. Above, a man with a mullet hairstyle poses for the camera.

Other viral tweets

Mullets weren’t the only topic keeping Twitter busy. On Monday, The office Alum Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight, went viral for his scathing tweet about the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Another tweet showing benches ahead of the launch party for the new one “She Hulk” The film also went viral after users dubbed the architecture “anti-homeless,” sparking controversy just before its August 18 premiere. In further proof that no one is safe on Twitter, rock band Metallica also came under fire last week, with young users debating past controversies about “cancelling” them.

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