The council funds the sheriff’s radio and vehicle purchases with ARPA dollars | Panda Anku

RICHMOND, Indiana – Wayne County Council decided to use American Rescue Plan Act funds for two sheriff’s projects.

Sheriff Randy Retter received the green light to purchase radios and vehicles during the council’s Wednesday evening workshop. The county has approximately $2.78 million in ARPA dollars uncommitted for the Hoosier Enduring Legacy program planning process, which is scheduled to begin in early 2023.

The council discussed the purchase of the radio after its July meeting. Motorola gave Savior an $80,000 bundle discount that expires August 31 because he also buys Motorola bodycams.

The 150 radios include 56 car stereos and 94 handheld radios for patrol officers and prison officers at a cost of $436,951.

On Wednesday, Retter told council members that the current 15-year-old radios are failing and are no longer serviced by the company. He originally told the council he preferred Motorola radios because of the bundle discount, compatibility with the current system and encryption options for radio transmissions.

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