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Microsoft Teams is fast becoming one of the environments of choice for the hybrid work age. Microsoft Teams enables teams to work together more efficiently from anywhere, and supports everything from video conferencing to file sharing.

Of course, as any business leader knows, there’s more to setting up a high-performing work environment than just the right software. Once you’ve implemented your Teams technology, you also need the right endpoints to empower and activate your team.

While the ideal endpoints for your hybrid workforce will depend heavily on the type of workforce you’re outfitting, there are some particularly compelling options available. Today we’re looking at some of the top certified Microsoft Teams endpoints for hybrid work.

  1. Jabra Evolve2 30

A great headset is a must for exceptional hybrid work. The right tool ensures your remote workers can quickly and easily log into Microsoft Teams meetings, connect with customers, and stay focused throughout the day. The Jabra Evolve2 30 is an affordable business headset with dual built-in microphones for phenomenal call performance.

Memory foam ear cushions give your workers the comfort they need to stay connected with teams all day while providing fantastic noise cancellation. The ergonomic design and reinforced steel headband also ensure that you can offer users a durable experience without compromising on comfort.

  1. Bose 700 UC Headset

Great headsets don’t just ensure better audio and video communication; They can also be helpful for blocking out distractions when your employees are working in a remote environment. Designed for the mobile worker age, the Bose 700 UC headset is a fantastic tool for collaboration and focus. An adaptive microphone system transforms any room into a professional meeting room in no time at all.

There are 11 levels of noise cancellation to choose from, so hybrid workers can choose exactly how much of their surroundings they want to block out. Bluetooth connectivity is also included so your users can easily connect their headset to any device without the confusing setup. The 20-hour battery life also allows you to work all day.

  1. Lenovo ThinkSmart View

Display-focused communications systems are growing in popularity in the age of hybrid work, as users continue to rely on video to stay connected with their teams. The Lenovo ThinkSmart View Display is a fantastic calling tool, equipped with an 8-inch display, a powerful speaker, and a set of far-field microphones to capture audio.

The user-friendly technology ensures that your team members have a dedicated environment where they can see their colleagues while maintaining the full functionality of their computer or laptop. Built for the Microsoft Teams platform, the solution even supports hands-free control with Cortana. With added security features like a microphone mute button and camera shutter, you can give your employees more peace of mind, too.

  1. Poly CCX 500 business phone

To prepare employees for the hybrid work age, you need to understand your workforce and the different tasks they need to accomplish each day. For some back-end staff, a dedicated business phone is a necessity to handle customer calls and interactions. The Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone is great for increasing productivity.

This powerful tool can ensure exceptional communication in any office or home environment with noise cancellation and a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. You can order the device with a headset to adapt to different workstyles, and the touchscreen display makes it easy for users to find the people they need to connect with instantly.

  1. PolySync 20+

The audio on a laptop or computer isn’t always the quality you would get from a crowded meeting room in today’s age of hybrid work. To give employees the ability to have the same quality calls anywhere, it’s worth looking into speakerphones like the Poly Sync 20+. With this USB and Bluetooth-enabled car kit, users can enjoy better call quality anywhere.

The portable device can even charge smartphones on the go and has a dedicated button to mute your calls. There are also programmable features so users can pause and play music, access voice assistants, or redial their last number instantly. All that, and you also get a phenomenal 20 hours of charge with this device.

  1. Jabra PanaCast

Today, exceptional hybrid work relies heavily on the ability of teams to conveniently connect via video. A plug-and-play camera solution like the Jabra PanaCast is great for creating high-quality visual meetings in seconds. This device is packed with a powerful 13-megapixel camera, patented real-time video stitching, and more, making it great for connecting field workers and in-office workers.

The camera system optimizes the field of view to ensure everyone is fully included in the conversation. The technology can also automatically and consistently optimize video quality during meetings. There’s even PanaCast API technology, which businesses can use to enable an AI experience with intelligent insights and voice control.

  1. Yealink MVC400

Building an effective hybrid workforce means having the right tools in place to enable powerful meetings for both internal and external workers. The Yealink MVC400 is an all-in-one Microsoft Teams room kit specially designed for small spaces and concentrated collaboration. The technology features automatic framing and speaker tracking to align your collaborators wherever they are.

This powerful video system features an electric lens cap for a safer meeting experience, as well as an 8 MEMS microphone array for sensational sound. There’s even a helpful gauge to help you streamline and organize your meetings in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Yealink UVC20

Yealink’s UVC20 is another excellent solution for video conferencing support in the age of hybrid work and a powerful personal webcam. This tool is equipped with a 5 megapixel HD lens, smart lighting and auto focus to improve the quality of your video in seconds. The solution is immediately linked to the Microsoft Teams environment, so you can set up and join meetings quickly.

With plug-and-play simplicity at its core, this webcam is ideal for hybrid workers who want to ensure they can continue to fully participate in meetings wherever they are. A privacy lens cap is also included to give your users peace of mind when your users end a meeting. Also, Yealink USB Connect ensures executives can access device information and diagnostics remotely.

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