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San Ramon Valley Unified School District trustees will hear a presentation on Tuesday about the district’s communications and community relations plan and vote on a number of items, including routine budget adjustments and a pay rise for substitute teachers.

“The Communications and Community Relations Department was designed to serve as a clear and concise framework for effective communication with all SRVUSD partners,” said Ilana Israel Samuels, Director of Communications and Community Relations, and Superintendent John Malloy in a staff report.

“The plan will support a comprehensive communications network that increases awareness, understanding and support for students, staff and the community at large, reflecting the interconnectedness of a culture of responsiveness and shared leadership,” they continued.

The department is tasked with implementing this plan, both for “internal partners” such as students, staff and parents, and for “external partners” who are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the district, “but are essential to the success of some aspects of the plan.”

“The goal is to leverage a variety of channels that deliver clear, consistent, and branded messages to all internal and external partners,” Samuels and Mallloy said in the employee report.

The five strategic goals of the district’s communications plan are to “improve and strengthen communications” with students and parents, and between the district and all employees, and to “revision, implement, and educate partners on public relations and media policies and procedures.” relationships”, maximizing “awareness, support and understanding of SRVUSD’s strategic directions and goals” and promoting and maintaining “positive collaborations and partnerships that serve to enhance the educational experience of students and SRVUSD’s positive reputation in the community to build”.

The presentation kit for Tuesday’s meeting provides a series of steps to achieve each of these goals, as well as an “accountability matrix” designed to “identify those who have primary responsibility and accountability for the implementation of the listed strategies, and the accountable communicators.” for the results and taking actions to achieve the goals of the Communication and Community Relationship Plan.”

The SRVUSD Board of Education will meet on Tuesday (16 August) at 7pm. You can find the agenda here.

In other shops

*The Board will renew its agreement with TRAFFIX on traffic mitigation measures, which include bus routes to a number of county schools, at a special meeting before their regular meeting. You can find the agenda here.

*The Board will consider approving budget adjustments that include increases to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and other government revenues of $48,848,792.

“Of this amount, $19,109,858 is for increased LCFF funding related to the base expansion and increased Transitional Kindergarten Discretionary Block Grant requirements for instructional materials, $123,510 is an adjustment to special education funding, $267,100 is an adjustment to lottery projections and $1,705,324 are due to increased funding of the Extended Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP),” Chief Business Officer Danny Hillman and Malloy said in an employee report.

The resolution, which is on the table for Tuesday, also includes adjustments that reflect increased spending in the district. That includes an additional $1,200,310 annually in salaries and benefits, which Hillman and Malloy’s report says “are primarily attributable to the implementation of equity liaison (teaching coaches).”

The other increases are $1,600,305 for supplies and services “due to ELOP, lottery how-to materials, surveillance cameras, and other miscellaneous increases” and an additional $500,000 for capital expenditure fund vehicle purchases.

*The board will consider a resolution to increase the pay rate for substitute teachers in the district.

“The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has been challenged by the continuing shortage of substitute teachers for several years,” said Keith Rogenski, assistant superintendent for human resources and Malloy, in a staff report. “Many school districts, including San Ramon Valley, have increased their daily pay rates for substitutes over the past two years to recruit and retain them for service with their students.”

The staff recommend a pay increase of $25 per day for substitutes who worked between 1 and 20 days and between 21 and 60 days, from $225 to $250 for the former group and from $250 per day to $275 for the latter. The rate for deputies working 61 days or more will remain the same at $275 per day.

*In a closed session prior to the open session, SRVUSD representatives will discuss four pending litigation cases and one existing litigation case.

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