Shortwave Kitsch brings radio plays to Charleston | Panda Anku

New theater companies are not uncommon in Charleston. But when a company wants to showcase something the Charleston audience has never seen before, it demands attention. Shortwave Kitsch is one such company, bringing a unique production to various stages in Holy City. When Shortwave Kitsch officially debuts The adventure begins on August 27th at Flowertown Players it will be the first live radio play in Charleston.

“Probably six, eight years ago I was looking for a job,” said Brandon L. Joyner, actor, author and one of the four founders of Shortwave Kitsch. “Just something different. I have listened to Exciting adventure lesson and Garrison Keelor ​​onward Prairie Home Companion. I figured there was a space between them.”

Radio plays emerged in the early 1920s. Full audio productions with actors and sound effects would bring full-length stage plays and original stories into the living rooms of the masses via their radios. Radio plays have found a new life in the podcast age. Shortwave Kitsch takes this a step further by using this audio performance tradition and mixing in live elements. Viewers in the theater see two “radio plays” performed by actors with live music, sound effects, and songs. Live performances will be recorded and released as a podcast in 2023.

Actors, much like their forerunners a hundred years ago, will be in the books. The live shows and the podcast episodes they become offer very different experiences for audiences. The physical audience gets a live theater show that’s almost a behind-the-scenes experience, complete with the knowledge that it will be part of a podcast.

The radio plays written by Joyner try to thread the needle between the bite Exciting adventure lesson‘s Irreverent Comedy and Popularity of Keelor. Joyner has written six ongoing series in different genres. Each shortwave kitsch show consists of two series, each with one episode. The first show offers an adventure story Call the doctor and science fiction/spy story Additional intelligence. Hard-boiled detective stories, westerns, mysteries, old Hollywood horror and more are in the works for future kitsch installments.

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