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Say it all with Mercury Workspace's fully encrypted VoIP calls

Say it all with Mercury Workspace’s fully encrypted VoIP calls

Robert Wilson, CEO of Secured Communications

Robert Wilson, CEO of Secured Communications

Secured Communications adds encrypted VOIP calling capability to its robust communications platform

Adding fully secured VOIP calls to our [Unified Communications and Collaboration- UCC] Platform enables businesses to be more secure and productive than ever before.”

— Robert Wilson, CEO, Secure Communications

RENO, NV, Aug. 18, 2022 / — In a world fraught with security concerns over the interception of personal and corporate private information and the constant threat to corporate intellectual property, every conversation should be protected.

Mercury Workspace powered by Secured Communications is How Smart Business Communicates. In the company’s ongoing effort to offer the best, most intuitive, most productive, and most secure communications platform on the market, the company today announced the addition of another layer of protection within its already robust communications repertoire in Mercury Workspace with the introduction of fully encrypted VOIP calls. This new capability complements Mercury Workspace’s end-to-end encrypted messaging, file sharing, and HD video conferencing capabilities to ensure the protection of all business communications.

Secured Communications is the leading global technology company focused on protecting communications, trusted by counterterrorism professionals, security professionals and businesses worldwide for six years.

Robert Wilson, CEO of Secured Communications, said: “Our customers have complete confidence that their communications are secure through our fully encrypted Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platform, the most advanced messaging layer security (MLS) and multi-factor -Authentication uses (MFA) techniques to verify user identity. Adding fully secured VoIP calling to our platform allows businesses to be more secure and productive than ever before.”
Within the Mercury Workspace platform, customers can place calls through individual direct message chats or to multiple users. This call can then be seamlessly converted into a Mercury Workspace “huddle” or 2k HD video conference with a simple touch of a button. When Mercury Workspace’s ultra-secure VOIP calling feature is enabled, the call will ring on both desktop and mobile (cross-platform). To further increase productivity, users can take calls and turn them into meetings while continuing to collaborate, send messages, and send files to get the most out of their workday.

Notes for editors:

Secured Communications is the world’s leading provider of communications security. Developed in conjunction with former senior executives from the FBI and global law enforcement agencies, the company’s suite of products protects information with the most advanced and intuitive encrypted solutions. Its platform is trusted by counter-terrorism professionals, public safety agencies, and audited companies worldwide.

Mercury Workspace, powered by Secured Communications is How Smart Business Communicates, enables users to host secure video conferences, make secure calls, send messages and seamlessly share files of unlimited size, all within a single application interface, anytime and with confidence.

Secured Communications views its customers as partners and, in addition to providing customization services and integrations, offers premium personalized support to help them manage their most sensitive communications and stay in control of critical information.

Secured Communications prides itself on being a socially responsible company dedicated to improving security practices near and far. Our Global Responsibility Initiative is based on a grant program that expands our commitment to law enforcement, global intelligence and counterterrorism agencies worldwide.

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