Rich Miller Capitol Fax on Darren Bailey’s candidacy for governor | Panda Anku

Rich Miller

The two-day partisan events during the Illinois State Fair are like small, stripped-down, informal versions of national political conventions. They serve as a sort of kick-off to our fall campaign season, so they’re usually closely watched by campaign reporters and insiders.

The speeches and organized theater are usually allowed to dominate the reporting. Last week, gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey was driven to the Republican Day event on a big John Deere tractor, a bespoke image for TV and print reporters alike. He then expertly delivered his well-written speech, which mostly attempted to portray the incumbent Democratic governor as an aloof, soft-handed billionaire who lives in a bubble and has no idea what average people are going through.

The “hands” image was the focus of Bailey’s speech. “With our hands and our sweat, we nourish life, strengthen our families and nourish the world,” he said.

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