Retirement Home for Teens: Making connections in your community | Panda Anku

As a 23-year-old, Jayden Evans saw some of his peers disparaging older Australians.

But after developing a friendship with 89-year-old Neville Lorensen in her hometown of Gympie, Queensland, Jayden says young people are missing out if they don’t make similar connections.

Throughout history, Jayden says, people from older generations have passed down their wisdom and “oral stories to generations to come.”

“It’s not that trendy in modern society, but it has value because we can immerse ourselves in our own lives and the future in such a way that we can forget what it was like in the past,” says Jayden.

“It helped me stay young”

Some of you may remember Jayden from the ABC series Love on the Spectrum.

Jayden met Neville through the Community Visitors Scheme in 2019, where he volunteers his time keeping the elderly company.

Jayden Evans learned a lot about Gympie’s past from Neville Lorensen.(ABC Everyday: Teresa Tan)

“I’ve worked a lot with youth and started working with youth,” says Jayden.

“I wanted to spend some time with an older person to expand that variety of experiences.

“I wanted to meet new people and develop myself socially.”

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