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Veteran’s Perspectives A monthly publication that highlights research and the importance of research to veterans—and the importance of veterans to research.

VA Research Nuggets One-minute summaries of important events and people in VA research—current and historical—were originally broadcast on the Federal News Network, a private radio station in Washington, DC


VA researchers would not be able to make their progress without the help of the volunteers who participate in studies. If you want to contribute to VA medical advances, you should get involved in research.

Volunteering in Research (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About Participating in VA Research – If you are asked to participate in a research project, gather as much information about the study as possible.

If you are interested in participating in a research study, there may be opportunities at Wilmington VAMC, or you can find other VA websites looking for volunteers by going to .cfm go .

If you decide to volunteer for a research study, you can change your mind at any time. Your decision to participate (or not) will not affect your VA benefits.

prefer to talk? Call the Wilmington VA Research Office at 302-994-2511 x5016.


Veterans can influence research behavior in a number of ways:

Volunteer on a research project advisory committee, attend meetings that inform recruitment strategies, help disseminate research by reviewing draft materials, provide feedback on presentation materials, volunteer on a mock proposal review committee with, offer to reach out to community organizations (e.g. VSOs) on behalf of a research team, offer to prepare assessment tool packs for a project, volunteer on a planning committee for project events, etc.

Veterans help plan and design research projects ( – An article describing an example of how veterans can be involved in planning and designing a research study. Includes researcher Q&A and a veteran’s personal research story.

For opportunities, call the Wilmington VA Research Office at 302-994-2511 x5016.


Locally, Wilmington VAMC works with several academic institutions, including the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Rowan University, Thomas Jefferson University, and a VA nonprofit.

Because Wilmington VAMC is located in an IDeA state, it is a partner institution of the Delaware IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (DE-INBRE), which provides collaborative biomedical research opportunities with a focus on veteran health and with the Delaware CTR ACCEL program on translations offers research into clinical care for veterans.

The Wilmington VAMC Research Office works in partnership with the Veterans Research Foundation. This partnership provides Wilmington VAMC with a valued means of managing non-VA federal and private sector funds in support of our research and education activities, expanding the number and type of funding opportunities for which VA and its affiliated academic researchers apply be able.

Research partnerships to improve and improve veterans’ health and healthcare is a priority for the Wilmington VAMC. We welcome and encourage partnerships with researchers within the VA and with researchers from outside the VA. For more information and resources, click here. To explore research partnership opportunities, call the Wilmington VA Research Office at 302-994-2511 x5016.

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Three employees and one veteran from Wilmington, VA recently participated in a leadership team for the DRIVE: Developing IDeAs for Veteran Engagement in biomedical research project. The project was funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Initiative –

Wilmington VAMC Research Bureau

ZIP code: 151
Fax: 302-633-5582

Telephone: 302-994-2511 x5016

The Veterans Research Foundation

The Veterans Research Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of veterans by supporting and advancing the research and education activities of VA Wilmington while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Website:Veterans Health Foundation of Pittsburgh

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