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This study evaluates the private network market including the deployment of new 5G wireless solutions. It also analyzes the market for MNO and VNO to offer private IoT networks for the benefit of industrial automation and mission-critical enterprise applications and services. The report assesses major players, technologies and solutions.

It also evaluates the edge computing telecoms and IT ecosystem in support of communications and computing infrastructure providers, managed services providers, network operators and OTT providers. This includes a focus on corporate strategies and offerings in relation to current and anticipated future market needs. It also analyzes SD-WAN players, strategies, technologies and solutions.

This research also provides an in-depth analysis of next-generation neutral host architecture, technology, and potential application areas. The report also discussed the core and RAN elements of neutral host networks, as well as potential market opportunities, stakeholder analysis, business models, and regulatory analysis. The report also evaluates the Next Generation Network competitive landscape along with the products and services of selected vendor companies.

This study also evaluates the market for small cells and WiFi to support cellular wireless communications. It provides market analysis and forecasts for the technologies, solutions and infrastructure to support increasingly dense 5G networks. The analysis includes considering outdoor deployments in a variety of form factors and locations, as well as indoor deployments and extending wireless signals from outdoor to indoor.

Traditionally, Communication Service Providers (CSP) have used infrastructure to build and, in many cases, operate CSP’s own networks. However, it is often viewed as an expensive deployment mode with limitations in coverage and capacity to support multiple service entities. Host neutral hosting is considered to be the optimal solution to solve the problem of handling large traffic in densely populated locations for multiple operators.

In the neutral host model, a third party builds and operates a network and hosts multiple MNOs to connect with customers. The external host operator initially finances the neutral host provisioning, which is ultimately paid for by MNOs via a recurring payment system.

In addition to cellular, the neutral host model is also well-suited to cellular carrier Wi-Fi solutions to handle indoor wireless traffic. This model overcomes many of the common problems associated with bearer WLANs, such as network security, network performance, user mobility, and interference and service degradation associated with unlicensed spectrum.

The term Network as a Service (NaaS) refers to the option for businesses to purchase network hardware, software, and operations/maintenance services as an operational expense, as opposed to an upfront investment as has been the case in the past. While NaaS is on the rise in enterprise, it has been slower in the CSP space.

However, related CSP opportunities such as private wireless networks are growing in popularity, as evidenced by the intense focus on this space from certain major telecoms infrastructure providers, including Ericsson and Nokia, as well as lesser-known companies such as Betacom.

The publisher sees a significant emerging opportunity for CSPs to leverage their existing assets and planned 5G infrastructure, as well as partnering with neutral hosting providers to support non-public networks. In particular, there is a significant opportunity for CSPs to deliver various NaaS solutions directly to enterprise and industrial customers and third-party infrastructure service providers.

Selected research results:

  • The 5G indoor market delivered by carriers will reach $2.9 billion globally by 2027

  • The global neutral hosting market will reach $8.25 billion by 2027, led by NA and Asia

  • Mobile edge computing will be a key enabler for immersive technologies delivered with 5G

  • The 5G indoor market delivered by carriers will reach US$2.9 billion globally by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 47.2%

  • Use case-driven private networks leverage a combination of LTE, 5G, and WiFi6 deployments

  • The solutions consist of fully virtualized, dedicated/non-virtualized and hybrid network solutions for business customers

  • 5GNR solutions will largely be fixed wireless WAN connectivity and industrial private communications network support

Main topics covered:

Private Network Market of LTE, 5G and Edge Computing in Enterprise, Industrial and Government Solutions

1.0 Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 Private Network Market Background

4.0 Private Networks Market Case Studies

5.0 Private Network Market Analysis

6.0 players in the private wireless ecosystem

7.0 Private Wireless Market Analysis and Forecasts 2022 – 2027

8.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

9.0 Appendix: 5G in wireless indoor applications

Neutral Hosting Market by Technology, Spectrum, Wireless Type, Solution, Deployment Modes and Industry

1.0 Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 Neutral hosting technology and application analysis

4.0 Neutral Hosting Company Analysis

5.0 Neutral Hosting Market Analysis and Forecasts 2022 – 2027

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

5G Network Densification Market by Location (Indoor and Outdoor), Spectrum Band, Small Cells and Carrier WiFi

1. Summary

2 carrier WLAN and small cell technology

3 Planning and consolidation of 5G networks

4 Business Case for Carrier WiFi and Small Cells

5 WLAN and small cell deployments from major wireless carriers

6 provider landscape

7 Strategies for Deployment and Operations

8 5G Network Densification Market Analysis and Forecasts

Mobile Edge Computing Market by Infrastructure, Deployment Model, Computing as a Service, Network Connectivity, Applications, Analysis Types, Market Segments, and Industry Industries

1. Summary

2. Introduction

3. MEC Technology, Platforms and Architecture

4. MEC Market Drivers and Opportunities

5. MEC ecosystem

6. MEC Application and Service Strategies

7. Multi-Access Edge Computing Deployment

8. Multi-Access Edge Computing Market Analysis and Forecasts

9. Conclusions and recommendations

10. Appendix One: Earnings from real-time data analysis

11. MEC Case Studies

12. Appendix Two: 5G Technology and Solution Outlook

SD-WAN Market by Components, Devices, Services, Deployment, Segments, and Industry Industries

1.0 Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 SD-WAN Benefits

4.0 SD-WAN Market Drivers

5.0 SD-WAN Challenges and Opportunities

6.0 SD-WAN Vendor Analysis

7.0 SD-WAN Managed Service Provider Analysis

8.0 SD-WAN Market Analysis and Forecasts 2022 – 2027

9.0 Future Outlook for SD-WAN

10.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

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