Poly’s latest research shows that employers should aim to magnetize, rather than force, a return to the office | Panda Anku

Findings show that collaboration tools designed to create equal opportunities in the workplace are essential in today’s hybrid landscape

SANTA CRUZ, California., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new report from Poly (NYSE: POLY) today shows that the key to being successful return to office (RTO) relies on an organization’s hybrid work strategy. The Journey to Hybrid Working report highlights that employees’ return to the office in a hybrid model is being hampered by a reluctance, with employees citing concerns about work-life balance and productivity.

“In today’s modern hybrid work landscape, it has become imperative that companies provide an equitable work experience for those in the office and for those working remotely,” he said Karl Wies, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Poly. “To steer a successful return to the office, employers need to consider the entire workplace experience, which consists of workspaces, preferred workstyles, and the right collaboration technology that enables employees to do their best work.”

Research from Poly shows that the number of office workers spending more than half of their time in the office has decreased significantly (down 25 percent). Cost of living and inflation are making some employees question the value of visiting the office, leading them to potentially choose between commuting to work or spending their time and money elsewhere. To navigate a successful return to office, we must embrace the culture and values ​​of today’s hybrid workforce.

“True flexibility in the workplace comes from a mix of work modes. Going back to the office is an integral part of that mix,” he said Jeremy Myerson, Director of the WORKTECH Academy. “If organizations want to properly implement a hybrid work model, they need to act faster to get at least some of their employees back into the office.”

Ultimately, the ability to create workplace equity, whether in the office or remotely, is key to the future of hybrid work.

To learn more about how organizations can reset their return to the office, please download Poly’s report, developed in partnership with workplace research platform WORKTECH Academy: A reset for the return to office? The way to hybrid work.

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