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Oklahoma City – Metro Technology Centers The Springlake campus completed the first renovation of its conference center and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday afternoon (Aug. 12).

Members of the Oklahoma City community and elected officials toured the facility, and Metro Tech also announced a new mosaic project being built at the facility, titled “The Eastside Experience.”

Metro Tech Superintendent Aaron Collins, Oklahoma City Councilwoman Nikki Nice from Ward 7, Millwood Public Schools Superintendent Cecilia Robinson-Woodsand board member of Metro Tech, dr Linda Toure of the Northeast District welcomed and thanked the participants for their support and investment in the development of Northeast Oklahoma City. Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony with board members and Superintendent Collins, guests were able to tour the facility with representatives from Metro Tech.

The conference center renovation was funded by the 2019 Community Bond Initiative, and more than $10 million of the bond was used to remodel and expand the building on the Springlake campus. According to Collins, Metro Tech will use the facility to serve the same community that supported the project by voting.

“Most of all, we want to say thank you to the community members,” Collins said. “With their support and voice, we have been able to renovate our conference center and fund several additions and updates at other Metro Tech locations. Our community’s belief in Metro Tech has enabled us to not only improve quality professional education, but also build the infrastructure needed to accommodate and expand these programs.”

In a relationship with Smith and Pickel construction and Renaissance architecture, the 75,575-square-foot conference center includes a 283-seat auditorium and banquet hall that can accommodate up to 350 seated delegates. It also includes 6 meeting rooms for training or breakout sessions and all rooms have audio, video and video conferencing capabilities.

Renaissance Architecture Senior Project Architect and Designer, Bernie Colbert, said the project was intimidating at first, but now that they have finalized the plans, they are excited to play a role in the growth of the educational institution. “Metro Tech deserved this,” said Colbert. “It’s great to know they are happy with the new renovations as it has been a long time coming.”

With new rooms and inviting functions, this offers Corporate conference center will serve the facility of a variety of organizations in Oklahoma City thanks to its central location. In addition, Metro Tech will install a new mosaic artwork on the east wall of the banquet hall.

The Eastside Experience mosaic will feature artifacts donated by community members and will be incorporated into the mosaic by encapsulating and bonding materials in resin. A call for proposals will be published shortly to hire an artist to lead the project.

Councilor Nice spoke to the open house attendees about the importance of community collaboration for the mosaic and explained that her help will ensure that the mosaic accurately represents the history of the community.

“A lot of us in this room grew up on the East Side and we’re very proud of that history,” Nice said. “The generations before us were strong leaders who were instrumental in building the community. I know that each of us has our own special memories of the East Side. We all have different rooms, neighborhood streets, churches, favorite restaurants and schools that we are proud of and remember so fondly to this day. So we need your help to bring these memories, people and places together to create this work of art.”

Metro Technology Centers is now accepting in-kind donations such as photos, yearbooks, fabrics, newspaper articles and other materials for the mosaic.

For more information, readers can visit the Metro Tech website.

About Metro Technology Centers: One of the largest and most diverse technology centers in Oklahoma, Metro Tech has four locations offering short-term, career and customized business training. Campuses are located in South Oklahoma City, Northeast Oklahoma City, at Will Rogers Airport and downtown Oklahoma City.


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