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The road to victory was never promised to be easy. It is full of faith mixed with hard work, perseverance and a passion to follow God’s direction.

What kind of win do you mean? The only success and achievement that has eternal value is when we follow and do God’s will.

So what is this? Well, there is His general will, which contains His written Word given to us to learn how to live for Him. There is also His specific will where God has designed for each of His children a personal blueprint related to their unique destiny available to all who seek Him.

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With all the knowledge there is in the world, there is nothing more important than knowing who God is and what He wants. We have an open line of communication with him to listen to his voice and speak to him, and yet his general and specific will is largely ignored.

Why? Human nature is more concerned with its own agenda than subjecting itself to what God requires. The Lord revealed to me about 10 years ago that we can be as close to Him as we want and the only thing preventing this is our rebellion.

Every human being has been given free will to choose and make their own decisions about whether to serve God or serve themselves. The carnal mind does not enjoy being told what to do, and this resistance is commonly referred to as the war between good and evil.

This reality of spiritual warfare is woven throughout Scripture and is evident when Lucifer rebelled against God. He is now the ruler of the dark kingdom and seeks to deceive and convince any person who will listen to ignore God’s eternal truth.

It is wise to search for the meaning of life and to examine whether we need to be where we are spiritually. If we are to build our house on the rock, it is important to know that it requires a willing surrender of our will.

Without submitting our will to God, we will not be able to fully express our love for Him or for others, which is at the heart of the Christian life. Loving God with all your mind, heart, and soul goes hand in hand with developing a constant awareness of his presence.

Jesus is quoted at Luke 22:42: “Father, if you will, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but thine be done.” The Bible says his sweat was like great drops of blood.

This is an intensity most people, myself included, have never experienced. He could have chosen to fight the government or he could have fled the city, but he has given up all his ideas and opinions and surrendered to the one whose thoughts are higher and who is perfect in all his ways.

There is no doubt that many, including myself, have a lack of understanding of spiritual matters, but what if we know what we must do and still refuse to do it? An example would be that it is easier to do good deeds than to develop a constant and fervent life of prayer.

Christians are usually willing to do something that looks religious because it will be seen by all. The secret place of spiritual intimacy with God is not seen by anyone and has no recognition.

No one will ever want to pray until they are filled with an unrelenting passion to love God. You could mention someone to Him and ask if He would help you, but that’s at a basic level like, “Now I’m going to go to sleep.”

There comes a time when a true disciple of Christ must graduate from kindergarten and move into deeper spiritual realms. We find that Jesus often went away to find a quiet and private place to be with his Father.

The concept of making spiritual communication with God our highest priority is rarely mentioned in today’s busy world because the average person doesn’t want to be persuaded that they are too busy to think about it. The popular message is about how Jesus paid for everything and now we just have to wait for his return.

Yes, it is true that Jesus’ sacrifice did provide an opportunity to restore fellowship with God, but we are responsible for how interested we are in it.


dr William F. “Billy” Holland Jr. is an ordained minister, church minister, and author of the faith column, Purposeful Life. He lives in central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl.

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