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Board members are often a company’s most experienced and accomplished employees. They help drive the entire workflow and make important decisions. As directors, they also have a legal duty to act in the best interests of the company.

So, when preparing to host a virtual board meeting, there are many nuances and details to consider. The success of an online meeting does not only depend on the delivery of high-quality content. Switching to online meetings requires slightly different preparation and execution than physical meetings.

In this review, we’ve collected some useful tips on how to use the virtual boardroom to conduct effective online meetings.

What is a virtual board meeting?

Virtual board meetings allow any board member to attend regularly scheduled meetings from anywhere – at home, in the office or anywhere else. Rather than reviewing notes afterwards, board members use audio and video conferencing facilities for remote participation. These online meetings may only be started via telephone, video conference or other virtual means of communication within the limits permitted by a given company.

There are three main types of online board meetings:

  • Conference call (audio only);
  • video conference (audio and video connection);
  • Web conferencing (audio, video and content sharing).

To start an online board meeting you will surely need a work station, laptop or desktop computer, reliable internet connection, virtual board software, event members and a topic.

Tips to prepare for a successful virtual board meeting

Although virtual communication is different from face-to-face meetings, there are some key points to review and adjust to ensure this type of meeting fits into your business plan. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind for a productive meeting using board portal software:

  • Have the right tools at hand
    Before starting the virtual meeting, make sure you have a perfect paperless meeting solution that allows you to communicate with other participants and share your screen. At the moment there are several tools you can use. However, it is important to choose a provider that pays the utmost attention to security.
  • Make sure the technical part works properly
    Before you start, make sure that the audio, video and screen are working properly. Team up with some other meeting members and test out the equipment in advance. This way you avoid a tense start to the board portal meeting and gain the trust of everyone around you.
  • Decide on the moderator of the meeting
    Appoint a moderator if the administration does not, and provide full guidance to that person. This way you avoid poor audio quality during a meeting when the participants are speaking at the same time. For example, raise your hand if you have something to say, or write your name in the “What to do if the meeting doesn’t have video” box. Note that videos can affect the sound quality.
  • Keep your notes private
    Make sure the board’s documents are closed. For a better result, consider installing the board management software on your tablet, iPad, or on one of the screens if you are working on multiple.
  • Share the agenda with members
    Share the agenda via screen sharing and make sure attendees know which agenda item is being discussed.
  • Use the updated collaboration platform
    Make sure everyone has the latest version of online board meeting documents to avoid misunderstandings. This can and should be done via secure sharing platforms.
  • Request for feedback
    You should collect feedback to find out what you can improve next time. There are many ways to create an effective virtual board meeting agenda, and each member and director will most likely have their own experience of what works and what doesn’t. Making changes every time will only make your virtual board meeting better.
  • Be careful what you share via email
    It might be tempting to share some board working files via email, but we strongly recommend not doing so! Board meeting records are some of the most sensitive information held by the Company and if tampered with, it can have serious negative consequences for all board members.


In summary, we can say that the organization of the virtual board meeting requires a lot of attention. Use the virtual meeting template above to ensure everything is properly covered. You should also ensure that all participants have sufficient time to pre-consider and revise online meeting topics, and strive to ensure that the meeting is interesting and encourages collaboration and communication among all members.

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