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Strategic communications executive with technology and energy industry experience to grow communications teams at UL Research Institute

NORTHBROOK, ill., August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, UL Research Institutes announced the appointment of Kristen Delphis as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations.

UL Research Institute's Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations Kristen Delphos

UL Research Institute’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations Kristen Delphos

As UL Research Institutes expands the scope and scope of its research into emerging security risks with the newly announced ones $1.8 billion With the commitment launched in February, Delphos will lead communications strategies that support the organization’s growth and impact. This includes defining a strategy that tells the story of the UL company’s mission to work for a safer world.

“Our organization has a rich history and an even brighter future, and to live up to that we need an established, innovative communications leader for UL Research Institutes. Kristen Delphis is that leader,” said Terrence R Brady, President and CEO of UL Research Institutes. “Kristen has worked as a communications executive in industries greatly enhanced by safety science, so she has seen firsthand the impact safety science research can have in transforming the way we live and work as an organization fosters scientific discovery and advances UL’s corporate mission.”

Delphos’ work also includes expanding the UL Research Institute’s global communications strategy. She will continue to develop relationships with key external stakeholders in liaison with other UL business leaders – from policymakers and regulators around the world to academic partners and non-governmental organizations.

“The pace of technological change continues to accelerate, making our mission to work for a safer world more important than ever,” said Delphos. “As I join to lead communications and public relations for UL Research Institutes, I am inspired by the magnitude of our opportunities to improve the safety of our communities.”

Delphos has experience in all facets of marketing and communications, with his expertise focused on the technology and energy industries. Most recently, she was vice president and head of global marketing and communications at Dematic, a 5 billion dollars Company for intelligent automation solutions with more than 12,000 employees in over 27 countries. There she developed and implemented the company’s global integrated marketing, branding and corporate communications strategy. In her three years at Dematic, the company has doubled its workforce and revenue.

Prior to Dematic, Delphos was Communications Manager for Electrical Products Industrial Solutions at ABB, previously GE Industrial Solutions, where she created and implemented a comprehensive communications strategy for the $2.7 billion business area.

Earlier in her career, Delphos spent time at ADT, GE Distributed Power Services, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, communications consultancy Brand X Communications and UPS. Delphos earned a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts.

Outside of work, Delphos is a member of the Forbes Communications Council. She was part of the Atlanta Women’s Foundation’s Inspire Atlanta class of 2020, where she achieved top fundraising performance. She is also the author of the 2016 children’s book Hashtag Gets Healthy… and Hits the High Jump. Delphos has an interest in health and wellness and is certified as an integrative nutrition coach and in mindfulness-based stress reduction, including promoting mindfulness in the workplace.

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UL Research Institutes is a leading independent safety science organization with a global reach. Committed to researching vital issues related to public safety, we recognize and act on risks for humanity and our planet.

Since 1894, our trusted research has drawn the ingenuity of leading minds from every scientific discipline to create a safer and more sustainable world. Science is building the knowledge needed to mitigate increasingly pressing safety issues like environmental and chemical pollution or artificial intelligence injustices—and our rigorous, objective investigations uncover that knowledge.

Working with a global network of scientists and security professionals, we define the safe and sustainable use of things ranging from ancient materials to new and emerging technologies. Our discoveries support the development of practical standards and guidelines from UL Standards & Commitment. Together we advance safety science for the benefit of the general public.

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