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It’s been a few months since the world was introduced to Season 14 of Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Although her time on the show was short-lived due to an ankle injury, Kornbread still won the hearts of fans and is now considered a Season 14 fan favorite!

Shadow and Act Unscripted spoke to Kornbread about their overnight fame and how their popularity has continued to grow, even in their aftermathDrag Race career.

S&A Unscripted: How would you sum up your career after Drag Race? How would you say the show influenced you?

KBTSJ: I want to say I Second hand to receive a a lot of from sleep. I think it changes your momentum from how how a lot of she Work, the is a Great Thing, but it Also changes your Way of thinking and the A hit she to have on Persons. Yyou never knows who considered she aHero.” SO it is a big difference in my personally opinion and the best Path. less sleep, but more work and I think she receive more motivation and inspiration after the shows done.

You really were the talk of the internet and social media during your time on the show, especially during the first episode. How did it feel to see that reaction from the fans right in front of goal?

KBTSJ:SO it is always nerve wracking. Yyou walk through the show and she to have a set to thing in your Spirit from how she want to be and What she want to to portray and she only walk in- Everyone from it goes out the window because from all. You only give your naturally even. I am a festivals believers in only being myself and if she love it…she love it, and if she Not– This is on She. and I was only happy to see persons be very susceptible from What I can Offer, the did me very happy because we place a a lot of from time and much of effort in our train, So to see the World accept it and love it, it changes your Way of thinking around yourself Completely, So I was delighted! [I was] nnervous how hell to the the First result, but aafter it was done, I was how ‘Yah, This is Great. I can do Well.’

One of the most heartwarming moments of the season was your friendship with Willow [Pill]. Why do you think you guys get along so well?

KBTSJ: Honestly, it probably started out of character. I am a very noisy and outgoing person at Everyone times and I full up mean it. I think willows the Completely Opposite. pasture remains to herself and you observed the Room to see everybody is naturally Condition and personality to see who sleeve receive a long With. and I think you dressed opposite to me because I think was how a yin and yang kind from location Where I am the exuberant personality and she is more Quiet and calm and how complicated in which Spirit Personality. We add to everyone Miscellaneous [and] we gave everyone Miscellaneous the chance the the Miscellaneous person is missing, if the power Sense. [We’re] very strong in our own ways and to develop to be better persons With the things the the Miscellaneous person has, sO I think This is What did us walk opposite to everyone Miscellaneous.

It is funny, [Willow] and me sat Low on the show one Day, and I was only talk and I said some out noisy. and you was how,I was Think the same I agree Thing.’ and then This is if was how, ‘OK, Cold. was definitely how, meant to be friends With everyone other because we to have the same twist the Way of thinking around a a lot of from concepts and Things.’ So Yes, I think opposites attract and the definitely happened With us.

What’s one thing you hope fans will remember about Season 14 and its storied transgender cast, as well as your journey, in the coming seasons?

KBTSJ: Honestly, I think you, They have learned a a lot of out it beautiful how far how how, being itself how far how her trans identity or the identity how a person in General. but personally, I only Hope persons realize the she Not to have to sugar coat who she are and What she areas far how your Personality.

I think a a lot of from things the Come With This fanbase are loving persons to the secure Reasons and Not taste she to the Miscellaneous Reasons. and I only Hope future Queens who receive on Not block itself out being itself. I went to Drag Race how myself and did Not want to sway in it or change it to the anyone, and the result to the me was Great. [It was a] sense from rewarding to myself and my personally Spirit and my personally being to the the sense from only naturally being myself and Not worrying around someone’s Opinion. I only Hope the what the Fandom takes off the season 14 and I alone am that was Everyone different in our own right and we Everyone are earned from Love, earned attention andnd we are earned from being respected to the What we can do.

Draw is very difficult, draw is very politically and draw is very draining – not in the sense of metric tons and metric tons and metric tons from work, bu you are expose yourself to a World from persons and to allow she to to have opinions on she based on who she are and What she do and What she love in your Heart. Just acceptance is what she to need to to learn and I Hope you do to learn out it.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 is currently nominated for multiple Emmys including Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

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