JBL Tuner 2: A practical instead of powerful DAB radio solution | Panda Anku

JBL Tuner 2: 2 minute recap

JBL offers a plethora of useful speakers and earbuds. We’re not just talking options that sound great, we’re talking about sturdy party speakers that can easily be tossed poolside (or slung in). These are the sorts of devices the marketing spin would call “kit for keeping up with your active lifestyle” (ignoring the fact that sometimes you’ll want to hang around next to your speaker. It’s okay, so do we).

This trend continues with the JBL Tuner 2 vying for a spot in our best DAB radio round-up. It’s incredibly convenient. It’s sturdy, it has rubber feet on the bottom to stay secure, it works as two types of radios, and it easily pairs with your phone to listen to the music of your choice.

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