IoT collaboration strengthens public health and safety in Hong Kong | Panda Anku

CORPORATE NEWS: Hong Kong’s LBS Smart Technology Leverages Thinxtra’s Devices and 0G Network to Deliver Comprehensive Hygiene Solutions for Public and Commercial Facilities.

Thinxtra and Hong Kong-based LBS Smart Technology have signed a strategic partnership to provide intelligent hygiene solutions powered by the Internet of Things to improve public health and safety for residential and commercial areas, including homes, shopping malls, office buildings and educational institutions improve , restaurants, healthcare facilities and government institutions.

As part of the collaboration, LBS Smart Technology, a new subsidiary of LBS Group that has been providing hygiene management and cleaning technologies since 1998, has leveraged Thinxtra’s battery-powered IoT devices and Hong Kong’s national public 0G network to create an intelligent “Total Hygiene ‘ to develop ‘ solutions.

These include: indoor air quality monitoring of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels for a healthier environment; Rodent surveillance for more effective and sustainable management of rodent activities; Solutions to manage toilets more effectively, including monitoring water leaks, usage patterns and more; and intelligent water quality monitoring to detect water temperature, pH and conductivity to ensure water quality is up to standard.

Kong Chun Shak, CEO of LBS Smart Technology said: “Our partnership with Thinxtra is an important step in making homes and public spaces across Hong Kong even healthier and safer for all residents and visitors. With IoT devices running on Thinxtra’s 0G network, we can take our services to the next level by measuring and analyzing valuable data so facility managers can monitor and track everything from indoor carbon dioxide levels, to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, to keeping spaces clean to ensure better experiences for the community – from anywhere, anytime and at scale.”

Nicholas Lambrou, CEO of Thinxtra, said: “The ability to remotely monitor indoor conditions 24/7 is critical to maintaining high-quality and risk-free facilities. This innovative partnership will help Hong Kong’s offices, hospitals, universities and restaurants, among others, to make venues safer, more comfortable and more convenient as property operators benefit from the insights gained from real-time data rather than relying on guesswork to keep venues in good working order.The collaboration with LBS Smart Technology Limited, Thinxtra enables exploration of the applications that will create value and increase efficiencies for Hong Kong businesses.”

About Thinxtra

Thinxtra, enabler of Massive IoT, connects physical assets to the digital world in the most energy efficient way, at scale and at a fraction of traditional costs. As the owner and operator of the only public, national 0G network dedicated to IoT in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, Thinxtra works with a broad ecosystem of partners to help organizations create new business models that leverage asset usage to optimize and monitor indoor air quality and unlock new customer service offerings.

About LBS Smart Technology

LBS Smart Technology is a hygiene service-oriented technology company established since 2022, based in Hong Kong. As a member of LBS Group, we are able to provide customized hygiene solutions, including rodent control solutions, air quality management, water resource management and sanitation management, to more than 30 cities in the four cross-strait regions and Southeast Asia.


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