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Tim Boyle goes down in a 2022 preseason game in Pittsburgh.

The Detroit Lions came in Week 3 of preseason looking for a statement on quarterback, and the only statement that came up might be how underperformed the team is at that position.

Detroit watched as Tim Boyle struggled and David Blough didn’t fare much better in the first half against the Pittsburgh Steelers and fans were very upset by their poor performance and took to the internet to share their frustration and roasts.

Mark Mathur put it very simply. In his opinion, it’s a surprise that Boyle is even in the NFL and should be cut out immediately.

“Tim Boyle is bad as a backup QB. How this guy got stuck in the NFL after sucking as a college QB is a mystery. Cut him asap,” he said tweeted.

Statistically, the uneven performance is nothing new for Boyle, who struggled in college, as this tweet showed.

“Friendly reminder: Tim Boyle threw 1 TD on 13 INTs in college and is kind of in the NFL,” he tweeted.

Duncan Smith had a great comment saying Boyle might need to rent a car to drive back to Detroit thanks to his poor performance in the game.

“The Lions will have Tim Boyle rent a car to get home tonight,” he said tweeted.

Other commenters were more succinct about the level of play of both players involved in the team’s ongoing quarterback fight.

“Both Tim Boyle and David Blough should be free agents next Tuesday. What an absolutely horrible performance of the quarterback game from two guys who are said to be “fighting” for their jobs…” he tweeted.

As Eli Bashi put it, the way the backups played could make the starter seem even better than he is for the team.

“It’s insane how good David Blough and Tim Boyle make Jared Goff look,” he said tweeted.

Add it up and it’s clear people aren’t happy with either player. What that means for the Lions this week remains to be seen, but it’s obvious Detroit has all options on the table.

Dan Campbell wanted big QB final

In a call to the media on Thursday, Aug. 25, Campbell discussed the quarterback situation and, as he said, the fighters need to make an impact soon.

“I think we need someone to really take the reins here. Someone has to step out of those two,” Campbell said. “I thought they both made progress last week. Somebody needs to step up and run that offense, play efficiently, play smart, take care of the football, get us first downs and score touchdowns for us when we get into the red zone.

Additionally, Campbell admitted he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of expanding the quarterback room if there’s someone on the market that catches the team’s attention in the coming days.

Dan Campbell said ‘someone needs to step up between David Blough and Tim Boyle for the backup QB job’. Boyle is expected to start in Pittsburgh on Sunday. He also hasn’t ruled out bringing in a QB if the right man fits in with the Lions, who have the No. 2 waiver position,” Twentyman said tweeted.

Apparently, the coaching staff have hinted that there could be a change in the coming days. This achievement might only help make that more the case.

Lions have important quarterback decision

Detroit has a big decision to make at quarterback. The team needs to find a way to have a backup quarterback they can count on for 2022, especially if Jared Goff should be out.

Recently, rumors have been circulating that the team may be attempting to complete a trade for an available quarterback like Mason Rudolph. There will also likely be cutting block options in the coming days, leaving the team to decide whether they like the duo they have or whether an underdog is a better choice at this point.

If the fans have a voice, they’d probably say the Lions shouldn’t leave with any player. Viewing her comment online reveals her massive frustration with each of the team’s quarterbacks.

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