Internet split over threats to call cops on tenants walking barefoot | Panda Anku

A Reddit user snapped a photo of a stern note she reportedly received from a neighbor while living in Vienna, Austria, urging her to stop going barefoot before calling the police.

“*gasp* imagine if you had the audacity to go barefoot in your own apartment,” was the title of u/AddieStark’s post, which has garnered more than 64,000 votes since it posted on the Mildly Infuriating forums Monday was shared.

The person who left the note said if they kept hearing you/AddieStark walking around during the quiet hours they would call the police.

Above is a stock image of a tenant banging on his ceiling to tell his neighbor to shut up. A Reddit user showed a tip she allegedly received accusing her of being too loud.

What to do if you have a noisy neighbor

It’s inevitable that renters who live in an apartment building will hear noises from their neighbors, but the apartment listing website has published an article on how someone can approach a noisy neighbor.

You are encouraged to first determine if you have a valid noise complaint.

“Inappropriately loud music played for hours is a valid reason to file a noise complaint,” the organization said. “An upstairs neighbor walking around his house at night is not.”

If someone has a rowdy neighbor, they should document offenses and show them to a landlord or property manager.

You should also “knock politely” to let neighbors know you’re making too much noise or speak to them.

“You can gently remind them of quiet times and the city noise ordinance,” the article reads. “Try not to leave a letter, as letters tend to come across as passive-aggressive.”

“Stop walking barefoot”

However, u/AddieStark was surprised to find that she received a complaint from her neighbor.

“Stop walking barefoot,” read the note she received. “If you continue to do this and especially during the rest period – night rest (10:00 p.m. – 06:00 a.m.) I will report you to the POLICE for disturbing the peace.”

u/AddieStark wrote to news week that this took place in a dorm, but she didn’t live there all summer.

“I only came back for one night to pack up and return my key when I moved out,” she said.

She said she has not met her neighbor and never heard of any complaints while living in the room.

Other Reddit users flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the note, and some suggested that u/AddieStark might have made some noise.

“Yeah, that’s a crazy comment, but how hard do you slap your feet when they can see they’re naked,” asked one Reddit user.

“My wife and I are 28 and she still doesn’t realize how loud she’s walking, it’s very loud,” said another. “I bet you stomp your heel on the floor without realizing it.”

“Having previously lived with a heel striker, I’m siding with the neighbor,” wrote one Reddit user.

That night u/AddieStark said she packed her things and went to bed early. She said she thinks the noise may have come from another neighbor but didn’t hear any noise herself.

She also said she asked her boyfriend if she was loud walking around, but he told her he didn’t think she was.

However, some defended u/AddieStark.

“What are you going to tell the police? My apartment is not soundproofed and I can hear my neighbors walking, I want to report this immediately,” said one Reddit user.

“I could understand if your feet were pelvises,” wrote another Redditor.

“Laws like this confuse me, what if someone usually works the night shift and is otherwise up at those times?” asked a Redditor. “Aren’t they allowed to live?”

u/AddieStark said she learned from the experience.

“I learned some new things about heel walkers and Germans/Austrians who are very careful about their night’s sleep [sleep]she said. “And that I’m definitely getting a house in the future.”

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