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In a now-viral post, a Tennessee childminder said her former boss once called the police to do a “social check” on her because she left work early.

Under the username u/Real_Card7880, the worker wrote on Reddit’s Antiwork forum: “On orders from me I left early because of a high fever [assistant general manager]. That [general manager came] An hour later break in my door and [called] the cops.” The post garnered over 27,000 upvotes and more than 1,000 comments from stunned Redditors criticizing the “crazy” boss.

welfare checks

According to The Law Dictionary, a social or “wellness” check is when a police officer comes by a person’s home to “make sure they’re okay.” Oftentimes, welfare checks are requested by a person’s friends, relatives, or neighbors after they have suddenly and/or “unexpectedly” lost contact with the person.

To request a welfare check, people can contact the police by calling 911 or a non-emergency number, according to The Law Dictionary.

Here is a stock photo of a police officer questioning a woman. In a now-viral post, a woman said her former boss once called the police to do a “social check” on her because she left work early.

“If the police go to the place and find that the person is in good health – and it was probably a communication error as to why you couldn’t reach him or her – they will call you to let you know,” The Law Dictionary said . “However, if the police find the person injured, ill or already deceased, they will immediately call for medical attention and contact you to come to the scene (they will stay at home until you arrive).”

If a person is found dead at the scene, a criminal investigation is initiated.

Before conducting a welfare check, The Law Dictionary said individuals should be “certain” that their loved one is at risk. Unfortunately, it seems that the former boss of u/Real_Card7880 didn’t get this memo.


In her post, u/Real_Card7880 said she came into work one morning and “felt fine,” but as the day progressed, she began to feel “tired and sick.” When the Deputy General Manager caught u/Real_Card7880 sleeping the children, she took u/Real_Card7880 fever and found that u/Real_Card7880 had 42 degrees fever.

“She is an amazing woman and immediately sent me home with instructions not to return until I feel 100 percent better,” wrote u/Real_Card7880. “I went home, took some pills and fell asleep on the couch.”

An hour later, she was awakened by the sound of someone “banging” on her door. Looking through the peephole, she saw her manager standing there.

“She’s screaming I have to go back to work and I didn’t tell her I left so I had to come back without a positive Covid test,” said u/Real_Card7880, adding that she just “ignored” her boss “.

“After a few minutes, I get a call from my mom (who lives FOUR HOURS AWAY) and sobs that my GM called her and said I’m missing… I’m angry at this point because I’m going to explain it to my mom what happened when my boss started knocking on my door,” recalled u/Real_Card7880.

“I go to the door and yank it open while my mother is still on the phone when I see cops outside. “After explaining to the officers that I was fine and just sick, she smugly approached me and said, and I fucking quote, ‘I knew you were there, you have to come back immediately, we have no one to cover for you. I’ll be waiting out here to follow you.'”

As a result, u/Real_Card7880 asked her boss to fuck off.

“I never went back and filed a report with the corporate department and from what my friends told me they canned her after an investigation,” she concluded.

Redditors respond

Many Redditors were alarmed by the story and blamed u/Real_Card7880’s “crazy” boss.


“So who the hell was watching the kids while she was stalking you around your house?” asked u/nolzach.

“Jesus, god damn, that nutcase should never be left around with kids ever again,” u/rad-boy said.

“What’s really irritated me lately is that companies assume that if you don’t have Covid you’re not sick. There are other diseases in the world,” commented u/youcantseemebear.

However, some felt the story was too crazy to be true.

“Obviously that didn’t happen. But thanks for the entertaining fictional story,” said u/jamesjabc13.

Redditor u/Frontpageorlurk added, “I take things that never happened for a thousand Alex.”

news week asked u/Real_Card7880 for a comment.

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