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So that someone is qualified as a “boomer” at an age, it is sometimes difficult to believe that there are people in the world who have never known a world without the Internet. It has become part of our lives that it has become as important as the car, modern medicine and pop culture.

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During the recent failure of the Rogers system, we certainly had reason to understand the role that the Internet plays in our lives. We suddenly had no access to banking. The business was closed because they were no longer able to process transactions, and internal business systems would not work without connection to their main offices.

The worst for parents was the constant whining of “I am boring” of children and young people.

Apart from technological disasters, we hardly perceive the Internet itself, only the services we have got used to access. However, a social gap between older internet users and young people who grew up with this technology seems to be formed.

This gap goes through privacy.

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There is probably no more important problem with which the average person is confronted today than this, and as you think about it, depends on your upbringing. Older people who grew up privacy in their lives take up a position that privacy is its right and that the authorities have no right to penetrate our privacy for no legal reason.

Younger people, on the other hand, often feel differently because they have never grew up with real privacy. They lived their lives online and do not remember to share their most intimate experiences with others, including completely strangers, something that is completely an abomination to their older family members.

The old MEM that Boomer is grateful is that you make all your mistakes before the emergence of cell phone cameras and the Internet very true for older people.

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Unfortunately, what was advertised as a data highway has become a metaphor that is more apt than we thought. This so -called superhighway is covered with advertising and undesirable distraction. Even our computer operating systems and our browsers are overloaded with advertising, which appears annoying on your screen.

Every appearance of privacy is just a myth with which we comfort ourselves when we try to use the Internet. Many programs are free and there is a wealth of services on the World Wide Web that are amazing. But like Robert Heinlein, a science fiction author, wrote: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” If your programs are free, you can be sure that you are the product that is sold.

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There is a solution to this problem, but governments will not implement it because they have benefited from the enormous surveillance skills that give them. If they proposed 30 years ago that they would allow the police to pursue each of their movements, they would be outraged. Nevertheless, we all wear a cell phone in our pockets that does exactly that. In fact, many of us live their lives on our electronic devices, which are spied on by authorities and private companies for their own purposes.

The threat from terrorism has provided a certain support for extremely intrusive surveillance, and the government’s ability to spy on us is amazing, at least the parts we know are amazing. We can only imagine what their true skills are.

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Private companies collect astonishing amounts of data about us and often deal with our information very carefree. If you lose it, you wrestle your hands, say that you are sorry. Please trust us that it will not happen again, but nobody compensates for the average Joe for the inconvenience to sort the mess.

We have the technology to ensure the Internet with the latest encryption tools. We can create safe digital identities that make sure that we are responsible for what we do on the Internet. In fact, the entire Internet could be made completely safe with simple encryption technology. We could also make private companies financially responsible for the loss of our data, with hard civil and criminal punishments for their negligence.

Don’t stick your breath and wait for this to be done. For governments and companies, too much is at stake to allow this until there is a big shouting that our life is exposed.

This problem is solved at the ballot box.

Tim Philp has enjoyed natural sciences since he was old enough to read. After working in technical areas all his life, he shares his love for science weekly with the readers. It can be reached by email at: or by post c/o the expositor.

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