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Many moons ago I was on a camping trip with an ex-partner who wouldn’t let me touch his camp stove. Mind you, it wasn’t a “careful you’ll burn yourself” situation, but rather a “this stove is a precious heirloom”. They said the portable burner was, I quote, “old fashioned”.

Although I wanted to roll my eyes, I politely collected myself and asked a little about the stove, which I wasn’t allowed to touch. It was her father’s childhood camping torch from the ’60s and because it’s a Coleman it was still in great condition more than 40 years later.

Flash back to last summer when I stopped at a Walmart for groceries and camouflage clothing on a solo camping trip in rural Pennsylvania. There, in the storage department, they had modern versions of my ex-dad’s childhood camp grill for less than $50. I picked one out, excited to have a camp burner that I actually got to use. Here’s what I bought:

The classic Coleman two burner propane stove with over 16,000 five star reviews

Loved by avid campers and nature newbies alike, the Coleman Two-Burner Stove is easy to use and ideal for a road trip. It requires no wires, cords, or charging—just 16-ounce propane cans. It runs hot, meaning you’ll boil water and cook meat quickly, but keep an eye on more delicate foods or sauces.

A two-pack of propane

To use your new Coleman camp grill, you will need a 16-ounce can of propane that fits directly into the grill. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to pack and the screw cap prevents spills and leaks.

It worked great right out of the box. It’s already assembled, but you’ll need to attach the small propane canister that you buy separately, which takes about a minute. After you hook up the propane, you’re good to go. You’ll probably have to light the stove, but it’s easy to do and never smells of exhaust fumes. It also cooks super evenly – a feat for camp cooking. The windbreaks on the side let you prep food even when it’s blustery, and it folds up nicely and has a little buckle to keep everything safe if you put it in the car (it would be a hassle to pack it in the backpack wear). His hob is surprisingly roomy, allowing you to place a pot and frying pan on the burners at the same time. And because it runs on propane, there’s no ash to clean up.

I’ve used my stove for garden and backyard dinner parties and for cooking during power outages. It’s great for beach grills and poolside picnics when you can’t make a whole fire or just don’t want to deal with all the messing and prepping of a whole grill.

When I look at my beloved stove online, it is clear that other people love it too. With tens of thousands of positive reviews, it’s a popular, timeless item that doesn’t cost a fortune and could stay with you forever. Who knows, 40 more years from now my kids might call it vintage.

“Unlike a grill that doesn’t burn clean and the grill gets charred and dirty, These stoves burn very cleanly and the stove grill does not get dirty. There is no need to place food directly on the stove as this burner system heats so efficiently and evenly that any food in a pot or pan is well cooked. According to my experience, A small flame is perfect for frying eggs, bacon, sausage. While the higher burner flame is good for boiling water.” — Arthur Senior

“Let me start by saying that I am a woman and often camp alone. For years I took out my little charcoal grill and cooked on it. But it’s a pain. After a day of kayaking, it takes at least half an hour to get hot coals, then you have to cook everything. Because of all the effort, I would only cook one meal a day and otherwise only eat bars. This Coleman grill is a game changer. Even sitting at my campsite in 18 mph winds, it heats up my cast iron like a champ. Because it’s so quick and easy to use, I can now eat more hot meals when camping! I even use it to roast marshmallows.” — ReviewsFromTexas

“Bought to replace the same one I’ve had for probably over 20 years. Use it for camping and has never let me down.” — Locked and loaded

“Overall, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I’m almost 50 years old at this point, and I assume this oven will outlast me and will probably be passed on in my estate. It’s just so well done. If you are a novice camper this is the perfect stove for you, if you are a seasoned camper who wants the ease of use of propane without the reliability issues of the fancier models this is the stove for you.” – David Hostetler

“This worked perfectly right out of the box. Well packaged by the way. It came double boxed. Great size for my motorcycle pop up camper. Great value.” — Jeffrey D. Morrison


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