Group FiO and Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. announce a collaboration to bring “Moments Marketing” and “Real-Time Communications” based on user behavior in the real world with the enhanced Spark Compass platforms | Panda Anku

Spark Compass’s world’s first real-time event/promotion behavioral communications platform, delivering measurable, auditable consumer communications results, is now augmented by Group FiO’s proven AI-driven campaign management and profiling platform

HOUSTON, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Group FiO, a leading provider of integrated customer engagement solutions and a leader in cost-effective customer analytics, easy-to-use business intelligence and data integration, and Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS), a leader in contextually intelligent communications platforms, IoT communications and Application Development, announced today that it has expanded its partnership. The new collaboration will offer “just-in-time”, fully integrated and contextually intelligent mobile communication solutions that deliver “augmented intelligence” by leveraging real-time data analytics with actions and events based on collected data combined with location, user, and activity knowledge to provide curated experiences on mobile devices.

This breakthrough solution enables them to deliver real-time marketing moments across all types of modern mobile devices, digital signage and other connected devices. Not only will these marketing moments enhance the customer experience, but they will also provide their customers and partners with unparalleled marketing real estate and customer intelligence that strengthens and expands engagement.

This strategic partnership addresses the many challenges business leaders face as they seek to digitally transform their operations and provide the crucial “marketing moment” acumen demanded by modern consumers. It leverages real activities, ongoing events, and user behavior in the real world. By creating relevant communication and marketing messages for the user, brands can engage in the ongoing conversations that are relevant to today’s consumers.

In addition, the combined offering provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that provides cost-effective customer analytics, easy-to-use business intelligence, data integration, and location-based management support. This answers the most critical questions, e.g. For example, which customers are most valuable and how sensitive certain segments are likely to be to changes in price or advertising.

“Increasing value into the future of real-time customer marketing ‘Moments in Time’ reflects our continued investment in developing next-generation technology-enabled solutions and tools. Our partnership with Total Communicator Solutions is the next evolution of our brand and the logical next step,” said Steve Palladino, chief growth officer at Group FiO.

“As we enter a new era of information-centric computing, companies must innovate together to solve tough problems and understand their customers. In partnership with FiO, a market leader in real-time business analytics, we are expanding capabilities and proven technologies.” Spark Compass OS for the Real World™”, said Eric BjontegardPresident and Founder of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. and inventor of the Spark Compass Platform. “This new offering demonstrates our belief that the future of insight in event-based enterprise marketing requires a new operating model as both data volumes increase and intelligent, real-time responses become a business imperative.”

Steve Palladino
Chief Growth Officer
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +1 707-478-1329

About Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. aka Spark Compass

The patented communication platform Spark Compass delivers measurable results on data collected from IoT devices, mobile phones and connected devices in the physical world.

Combined with a patented AI communication platform, the solution is used by organizations to improve communication and analytics for their customers. As an operating solution for data-driven communications, known as “OS for the Real World”, it was used to connect sports fans from Ole Fraulein to the America’s Cup, reinforces brand engagement from Puma to Coca Cola and is used by venues from San Diego Airport to cities like Greater Manchester and across the island Bermudas.

Spark Compass has partnered with Google Cloud, IBM Watson and multiple solution integrators such as global giant HCL, with a platform that is patented, tested, validated and deployed in a variety of installations worldwide.

About the group FiO

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that provides cost-effective customer analytics, easy-to-use business intelligence, data integration, and administrative support. FiO brings data, analysis and automation capabilities to business processes and accelerates powerful “Moments in Time” 1-1 marketing. FiO’s innovation and delivery platform can deploy and scale its solutions in any market and industry, develop data and analytics strategies, and apply and optimize machine learning and AI across a wide range of technology platforms. FiO has leveraged its strong industry and functional expertise, coupled with its integrated consulting model approach – combining analytics, business acumen and technology – to transform insights into action and value for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.



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