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Gravit8, the developer of groundbreaking software for events and brand experience centers, has launched its “world’s first” DIY SAAS platform, which offers the most comprehensive virtual event environment on the market.

Based on its Virtual Event Platform (VEP), a true-to-life 3D virtual environment, organizers can now access Gravit8’s suite of ready-to-use virtual tools, including virtual exhibition halls, networking rooms, conference auditoriums and event spaces. Brands, exhibitors and delegates via a fully configurable DIY platform for use in a SAAS format.

Gravit8 has developed numerous bespoke virtual solutions for global brands such as Dixons Carphone Warehouse, Shell and ITV during the pandemic and the new Gravit8 VEP meets and expands on the ongoing need to connect and connect brands with delegates without or in parallel with a face-to-face conversation Interaction.

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Post Covid, the VEP has found its niche as a virtual option for in-person events such as exhibitions, fairs, conventions and networking events. With a host of features including an integrated virtual group or peer-to-peer networking system and time-bound sponsorship branding, it is a market first for this level of complexity and graphical quality, offering brands a direct way to replicate their in-person events virtual way and to reach a wider audience.

Several other key audiences will benefit from this groundbreaking software innovation via the new platform: exhibition organizers considering, for example, a virtual or hybrid exhibition space to connect their delegates and exhibitors, or those looking to host a standalone virtual event or enhance it in-person events with virtual, evergreen content. It will also be accessible online for delegates simply by logging into a live event in real time.

Among the many available functions and features, the Gravit8 VEP offers full graphical customization including organiser, sponsor, exhibitor and delegate branding; media content such as video, PDF and 3D; live peer-to-peer interactions, video demo areas, theaters and auditoriums; text and video meetings; social walls; interactive interaction features, including polls and audience feedback; and end-to-end data metrics for all inputs and outputs.

In addition, it seeks to replicate and extend the personal experience of an exhibition, including walking the halls, visiting the stands, chatting, networking, attending seminars; even “toast” and chat with nearby industry peers, just like at IRL events.

Client brands cite benefits like increased overall sales, increased traffic, brand differentiation, ease of monetization, and more behavioral data, and for those brands ready to take the next step, Metaverse is even ready for an enhanced attendee experience.

With 20 years of experience providing software for use in face-to-face events by the world’s leading brands, Gravit8 fully understands what brands want to achieve when exhibiting or attending events, as stated by Alastair Reece, Managing Director of Gravit8: “The Virtual Gravit8’s Event Platform (VEP) is a true example of innovation in the technology sector, born of filling the gap for events and exhibitions during an unprecedented international pandemic. It now complements IRL or hybrid events and goes far beyond in-person events in terms of productivity, reach and continuous lifecycle. Our solution provided a much-needed alternative to plain, flat, boring video conferencing and, despite the return to face-to-face events, continues to enjoy growing demand – as it gives exhibiting brands the freedom to truly express themselves and their message. This, in turn, makes it possible for event organizers to monetize effectively virtually for the first time, as brands – and visitors – get an experience that is truly worth investing in.”

He continued, “Since March 2020, Gravit8 has hosted hundreds of virtual events for the world’s leading brands and event organizers. Every online event, just like Live, requires its own identity, atmosphere and functionality, and our experience of delivering virtual experiences to over 400,000 attendees has allowed us to design what we believe to be the ultimate online event platform. Some of our clients’ events saw attendance increase by 500% compared to their face-to-face versions. An event hosted by a pharmaceutical client was the first to provide access to financially challenged healthcare professionals, ie speaking to healthcare professionals about products and services in a way that was previously inaccessible to them. The lifting of travel requirements increased the number of members coming to this special event from South America by 60%.

“As the first full-fledged virtual event environment on the market, the CMS-driven SAAS platform ultimately gives brands the opportunity to truly differentiate themselves in the digital space and improve their overall customer engagement.”

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