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Cheating boyfriend is caught LIVE on the radio by his girlfriend of five – after the hosts use a sneaky phone call tactic to catch him in a lie

  • A cheating friend was caught live on the radio in New Zealand
  • The anonymous friend suspected that her boyfriend of five years was cheating on her
  • The Edge radio duo Sharyn and Jayden were planning a sneaky gig
  • Sharyn called the friend claiming to be the other woman’s friend
  • She asked if they were dating or if they were “just friends.”
  • After stumbling over his words, the man said, “I guess you could say it’s us.”

A scammer has been caught live on the radio after his girlfriend of five suspected there was another woman.

The anonymous friend reached out to New Zealand radio duo Sharyn and Jayden from The Edge, who were plotting a sneaky act to determine if their partner is cheating or not.

After doing some “next stalking”, Sharyn called the boyfriend using a fake name and asked if he would be interested in throwing a surprise birthday party for the “other woman” – his colleague.

During the call, Sharyn asked if the pair were dating or if they were “just friends,” and he said, “I guess you could say we are [dating]’.

Little did the boyfriend know that his girlfriend was on the line all the time and heard everything.

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Audio has been released of the heartbreaking moment a cheating friend was caught on live radio. Suspecting her partner has been cheating on her for five years, the anonymous friend turned to New Zealand radio show Sharyn and Jayden on The Edge for help

During the call, Sharyn used the name “Virginia” and claimed to be the other woman’s friend.

“We’re throwing a surprise party and I just need a little help with a few things – like inviting some of her friends over from work because you guys work together, right?” she said.

The man replied, “Ah yeah, you know, I could invite a few people over for her. Yes, it will be a great day.”

Sharyn went on to explain the “plan” to meet the guests at a specific location, but suggested the man should take the woman on a date first.

“You could go eat somewhere nearby and then bring her over at 8pm,” she suggested, to which he agreed.

‘Cause you guys are officially like boyfriend/girlfriend now, right? So it wouldn’t be weird if you asked her out.”

The anonymous man stumbled over his words and then said: “I think you can tell it’s us”.

After admitting to seeing the woman, Sharyn decided to brutally challenge him.

“If you ask her out, do you put that on your calendar and do you put it on your girlfriend’s calendar too?” she said.

“I’m just wondering if she (the girlfriend) likes to keep up with your other relationships.”

The boyfriend then laughed awkwardly and denied claiming she had the “wrong” guy.

“You might be thinking of someone else,” he said, before Sharyn shot back and said, “Really? are you the one who [the other woman] works with?’

The call then ended and Sharyn said “I’m so sorry” to the friend on the other line.

When the call ended, Sharyn said to the friend on the other line,

When the call ended, Sharyn said to the friend on the other line, “I’m so sorry” (stock image)

Warning signs that you are the other woman or man

* Appointments are spontaneous and there are no long-term plans

* Most of your phone calls take place during the day

* Evening correspondence will be via text message and delays in replies will occur

* You’ve probably never been to her house or seen family or friends

* You don’t go to venues near her home

* You will probably pay with cash most of the time

* They will become defensive if you question them too much

“I knew it was probably real, but it kind of sucks when you hear it,” the friend said through tears.

Sharyn assured the friend that she did nothing wrong and it’s not her fault that she cheated.

After a video of the conversation was shared on Facebook, others couldn’t believe what they heard.

“Wow, I felt so sorry for her, but you honestly did her a huge favor. Nobody deserves to be fooled. She deserves so much better and someone to treat her right,” one person wrote.

‘Oh man, that was heartbreaking to listen to. Poor girl,” added another.

A third wrote: “That was horrible to listen to!! Poor girl, that guy sounds like a complete idiot!’


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