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Life is nothing but a series of moments – some sweet and some bitter. On the former days you feel unbeatable and are ready for any uphill battle. Whereas during the latter, soul-draining days, you wish for nothing but the entire cosmos to burst into an oblivion. It is during such days when you really need someone to patiently hear out your silent pleas, hold your hand, and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Life can get hard. It is unfair. But it is important to remember that the splendor of life is worth living for. Although it can be easy to forget this on your not-so-great days, there are some gifted people out there who can guide you to the light waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel.

These people are called by different names in different parts of the – psychics, clairvoyants, Najoomi’s , Jotshi’s, soothsayers, etc. But one thing is for certain – these beyond talented individuals can help you to know what is to come in life, and more importantly, guide you on how to best prepare for it.

Now, we understand psychics – especially free physics – is not an easy feat. That’s why in this post, we decided to introduce you to nothing but the very best of free psychic reading online networks.

Keep scrolling for the best FREE psychic reading online sites to try in 2022 for a future that’s nothing but smooth sailing and fulfilling for you.

Top 4 Free Psychic Reading Networks of 2022

Here’s a quick preview of our round up of the top free psychic reading online networks currently available on the world wide web.

1.Psychic Source

On the first spot we have Psychic Source – a 30-year-old hub of online psychics and psychic mediums. Presently, the network has millions of devoted clients and continues to grow even with each passing day owing to its incredible promotional offers.

For instance, currently new subscribers can enjoy online psychic readings of up to 3 minutes for absolutely free! Affordable psychic predictions (flat $1 rate for every minute) are also available.


With a very slight margin of difference, the second spot is taken up by Kasamba – a staple name in the world of free psychic reading online services.

Just like the previous network, this platform too loves giving back to its customers. New sign ups can enjoy a massive 70% percent off on their registration along with a complementary 3-minute trial.

3.Ask Now

With decades of experience under its wings, Ask Now boasts a huge network of thoroughly vetted online psychics for invaluable life guidance.

On the platform, new sitters can enjoy online psychic readings for as low as $1 for every minute. And that’s not all. Free psychic reading online sessions of up to 5 minutes are also up for grabs.

4.Purple Garden

Last but definitely not the least spot on our round up of the best free psychic reading networks is occupied by Purple Garden – a not-so-old entrant of the online psychics’ world.

With innovative features and incredible introductory offers, this network will definitely win a spot in your heart. Free credit worth $10 are available with every purchase to all users – new as well as old.

Please note that our list of the best free psychic reading networks is based on several factors, such as reviews by past subscribers, variety of online psychics, availability of promotional offers, year clocked in the experience, advisor screening process, pricing criteria, prominent features, ease of use, credibility, and more.

Here’s a deeper look into what you can expect from each of these best free psychic reading networks:

1. Psychic Source – 200+ Affordable & Free Psychics Network

You might not trust our judgment or feel skeptical about us declaring Psychic Source the best network for free psychic readings, but we beg to defend our case with one single fact: Founded in 1989, Psychic Source has clocked more than 33 years in an industry that fuels only on credibility, top-notch quality services, and reliability. Now, that is undeniably a major accomplishment!

If it were just another cash-minting platform with no real value to offer, it would have been shut down or disowned by users, years and years ago. But the fact that it still stands tall and proud (even when myriads of other free psychic readings providers came and went) is a massive indicator of success. At Psychic Source, you can expect to receive nothing but pure psychic goodness.

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Here’s how the network was able to achieve the reputation it thoroughly enjoys today:

  • The platform boasts an extensive network of the best advisors so that sitters can receive psychic readings for free on multiple aspects of life . From spiritual predictions, astrology readings, to fortune telling and clairvoyant readings, Psychic Source’s network of 200+ experienced advisors can come handy to solve all life woes.
  • The platform is not merely a hub for the best online psychics out there, it also ensures the gifts and abilities of these talented individuals are within the reach of people in discord. “Accessibility with affordability” is Psychic Source’s ultimate arsenal to success. To make sure, the majority of people benefit from their portal as from the talent of real psychics, the company has adopted a flexible pricing strategy since the start. Owing to this, sitters can enjoy cheap psychic readings along with free psychic readings.
  • If you’ve never had a consultation with a cheap psychic online, you will be pleased to know that here, you can get initial psychic readings for free – yes you heard that right. The network regularly runs exciting and beneficial promotions for new subscribers. For example, a first time sitter can avail 3 minutes with the best psychics without paying a dime. Additionally, if a person likes the service, they can benefit further from the networks’ affordable packages that start at as low as $1 for every minute.
  • Another secret weapon hidden in the company’s arsenal is their video conferencing feature. Unlike the majority of networks that mostly provide free psychic chat or phone consultations, Psychic Source also enables advisors and sitters to connect on video via its incredibly advanced smartphone app.  So, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, ask a free psychic question from your preferred advisor.

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2. Kasamba – Providing Pure Psychic Goodness for 2+ Decades

Every list on the internet related to the top psychic reading free networks is incomplete without this powerhouse of the best and top-rated psychics. Every person meaning to ask a free psychic question from a credible advisor or an ardent psychic believer, must have at least once considered Kasamba to ease their distress . And why would not they?

Kasamba has been providing nothing but the very best of what online psychics mediums have to offer. And just like our previous contender, it has been doing so for several decades – 2+ to be exact. Now that is a long, long time! Plus, all those years spent in the industry come with one more thing which most newbie tarot card reading platforms lack: unmatched experience.

When it comes to receiving accurate predictions, experience is gold. Whether you are interested in free love psychic readings or medium readings, only networks with certified psychic readers with ample experience can give you insightful psychic readings for a fulfilling life. With years of experience under its belt, Kasamba knows exactly what sitters need, both new and old. Another benefit of operating in the same business for so many years is that the platform has become highly efficient in sifting fake advisors from the real ones.

Kasamba understands that among other things, the fame and reputation it enjoys today has a lot to do with the authentic readers on its network. The platform would not have been able to serve its clients appropriately without the hundreds of global advisors, fortune tellers, and love psychics who chose Kasamba as their virtual home.

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Apart from the above-stated features, the platform has several other valuable offerings for sitters, such as:

Since the network’s accurate psychics are available 24×7, you can ask a free psychic question whenever you feel stuck or lost. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can count on the gifted advisors of Kasamba to be there for you.

Another reason this network receives so much love from all over the world is that it has intuitive psychics giving guidance on a broad range of life issues. Whether you need direction in your professional life or are seeking useful advice to ignite a new spark in your dimming relationships, a trusted Kasamba advisor can help.

Just like the previous network, Kasamba too believes in accessibility and affordability over profits that cost users an arm and leg for much-needed life direction. With multiple cost plans, users with varying financial footholds can easily connect with reputable psychics without breaking the bank. Additionally, the network also boasts a satisfaction guarantee as well as a generous refund policy for poor or inadequate psychic services.

Ongoing promotional offers available at Kasamba for new subscribers include: a 3-minute complimentary trial to ask a free psychic question and a huge discount of 70%!

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3. Ask Now – Free Psychic Love Reading Sessions for A Happy Heart

Every facet of life is important but if we had to choose one aspect that held the power of truly making this world either a blissful journey or an unforgiving ordeal, it would definitely have to be our relationships. Love holds the power to make us feel invincible even during dark, gloomy days. Love is hope. Love is compassion. Love is everything that makes this ephemeral abode worth living. But when things go wrong in this part of our life, it can cause unimaginable pain and wreak havoc in every other aspect of our lives. And that is exactly where a free psychic love reading can be useful.

Just as doctors and engineers specialize in different areas, professional psychics do the same. Some advisors choose to specialize in career or financial consultations while others decide to focus on deeper life aspects, such as love, relationships, and spirituality. And though several other sites are equipped with advisors capable enough to answer your free psychic question about love, there is no one else doing it better than Ask Now.

Available in both: a simple interface website and a cutting-edge smartphone app (iOS and Android friendly), Ask Now is our most recommended network for free psychic love reading sessions. Whether you are undergoing a painful divorce, lost the love of your life due to unclear reasons, or are wondering when you’ll find your better half, love psychics at Ask Now can help with these questions and more via paid and free psychic love reading sessions.

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Apart from providing extremely accurate love and relationship predictions, you can expect to also enjoy the following features at Ask Now:

  • New Ask Now subscribers can enjoy psychic reading free sessions for as low as $1 for every minute as part of its introductory promotional offer. And that’s not it. To find the best advisor for their love needs, users can also take a 5-minute trial with no added cost. Frankly, there is no reason not to give this platform a shot to resolve your heart issues.
  • The platform understands very well that the matters of the heart should not be taken lightly. And that’s exactly why it emphasizes so much on employing only the best of best psychics. Strict screening parameters have to be met by all advisors before they are given permission to hold reading sessions.
  • Another feature we admire a lot about this psychic network is that it showcases detailed reviews and testimonials given by past users regarding both the platform and its psychics. These reviews provide great indication about which advisor to choose since both positive and negative testimonials are highlighted. This info can help newcomers to make the right choice when confused between two or more psychics.
  • Apart from love guidance, Ask Now also provides psychic reading free sessions related to other life problems including health, career, past events, spirituality, studies, etc.

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4. Purple Garden – Best Psychic Reading

This psychic reading free network might be sitting on the fourth spot of our round up, but we beg you not to take it lightly. It might be the last on our best-of-the-best list, but it is still jam-packed with incredible features and functionality.

Unlike the previous networks, Purple Garden is relatively the newer kid on the block. But within its short lifespan, the platform has performed remarkably well in attracting a huge following. Some would argue, it is even changing the entire face of how sitters and advisors virtually meet and connect. Just like Ask Now, the Purple Garden platform is also available in two easy-to-access and use formats: a desktop site and a mobile app. The latter being more popular since it is great for receiving on-the-move readings and guidance by seasoned experts and offers great functionality in a pocket-sized device.

Irrespective of where you are, you can easily book a free psychic chat consultation with a reader of your choice. All you need is your smartphone and a viable internet connection. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from free psychic chat consultations, you can even get readings over video. But please note that the video conferencing option is only available on the Purple Garden app. On the site version, you can get a free psychic chat reading.

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All these features are great, but these are not the real reason why we have bestowed Purple Garden a spot in our highly acclaimed list of the best psychic reading free networks.

Psychic reading opportunities are indeed offered by numerous other networks but there’s one notable Purple Garden feature that stands out from the rest. And that is its fantastic community of psychic enthusiasts known as Journeys. Journeys is basically a safe place for people belonging to different walks of life who seek fulfillment and meaning in the wonderous art of cosmic readings. It is a community of like-minded folks, where everyone openly shares how psychic divination by gifted advisors transformed their lives. With innovative features and amazing functionality, Purple Garden will definitely make a home in your heart.

Here are few other things you can expect to receive here:

  • The network doesn’t currently have any discounts going on. But it allows users to win free credit worth $10 on every purchase. This promotional offer aims to benefit all old and new members.
  • As a Purple Garden subscriber, you can expect to receive the best customer service (around the clock), no matter where you live or what it is . The customer support department will always be readily available to answer your queries and resolve problems related to refunds, inaccurate readings, complaints, etc.
  • This fantastic network enables you to connect with advisors through multiple verbal and non-verbal communication methods such as, chat, phone, and video. Multiple payment options are also given for additional ease.

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Online Psychics That Don’t Have Our Seal of Approval

You will come across several other chat or phone psychic networks on the web but it’s worth remembering that not all of them should get your attention. As industry experts, we don’t want to sound biased in this review and thus have listed two other platforms that you can use for booking free psychic reading online sessions. But be warned, these sites do not have our seal of approval for various reasons but especially because we don’t think they are equipped to give the most accurate and best online psychic readings.

Here they are:

1. Astrology Free Readings

As the name suggests, this platform is more inclined towards providing guidance through astrological readings. And though there is nothing wrong with that, you must understand that there is so much more to explore in the psychic world than merely finding meaning in the stars.

In addition to this, when you open the website, you’ll notice that there aren’t many psychic services available. So, spending your hard-earned money on a platform that barely touches the surface might be a bit foolish.

2. Bitwine

Bitwine is an online psychic and spiritual platform that offers users with tarot card readings and spiritual coaching. The platform is generally used by people seeking advice related to love, relationships, and day-to-day challenges in the lowest pricing options available online. The platform also provides decent discount deals which can further be negotiated. Many people also like the fact that they do need to create a Bitwine login id to start chatting with an advisor. But frankly, we feel the lack of protocols and procedures can make the platform a probable hub for fakers and con-artists. Plus, the real psychics might also not take you seriously since no form of commitment is made.

In addition to this, the platform only accepts payments through PayPal. So, if you don’t own a PayPal account, you won’t be able to use this network – at least not for something useful. Another major concern for us is that the website may use or share your personal data with other affiliated sites.

Remember, psychic readings by phone or chat (and even video) are only useful when received through reliable sources. The fact that both of these sites lack credibility, can make it hard for you to discern whether they are worth spending your money over.

That’s why we suggest you stick with the 4 platforms we vouched for earlier in the article. But the final call will always be yours. Our job is to just help you and ensure every reader is equipped with all the necessary knowledge to make a decision that’s best for them.

How to Distinguish Free Psychics from Fake Psychics?

The internet is undeniably flooded with money-looting scammers and con-artists even when it comes to online psychic readings. Bear in mind, psychic readings for free are only useful when given by a credible and reputed advisor. The same goes for paid psychic sessions. With the huge influx of fake readers on the web, it is easy to get fooled by gimmicky cheats. But there are some failsafe ways through which you can sift out fakers from the real deal.

Here are some of the rules you can follow for the best free online psychic reading session:

Rule #1 – Look for and browse through past sitter testimonials and reviews.

The simplest way to isolate authentic free psychics from scammy ones is to browse through their past sitter testimonials and reviews. All of our top 4 networks allow sitters to view extensive reviews about every advisor on their respective profiles, enabling first time users to discern who they can trust. Keep an eye open for advisors with reviews of poor online psychic readings since that indicates they’re not qualified for what they do.

Rule #2 – Focus on the trivial details.

Usually, an advisor provides sitters with certain snippets of information during a free online psychic readings to check whether they resonate with them. However, on the other end of the spectrum, dodgy advisors tend to offer general insights – which may appear true – for deceiving purposes. To prevent something like this from happening with you, be wary of free psychics that say things which you’d like to hear rather than providing more insightful answers to your queries.

Put simply, free psychics who are actually reliable and capable of giving true readings, would never give vague answers. Their advice will always be specific. Ideally, the free psychic reader ought to tell you about stuff that only you or your someone close to you would be aware about.

Rule #3 – Consider referrals by friends and family.

Sometimes the best source for getting credible psychic readings for free is to ask your friends and family members who have had a great experience with a free psychic reader. When finding a reputable free psychic reader or platform, the best thing you can do is ask past sitters who they went to for guidance and see whether the same could also be a good fit for you.

It is also a great way to check and confirm the quality and accuracy of readings the advisor/platform is providing, especially if more than one of your acquaintance’s got their free psychic readings from the same reader or network. If it is your first dig at online psychic readings, asking a friend or relative about their experience can be really helping in knowing what to expect.

In addition, since you’re searching for the best free online psychic reading experience, it is important that you consider all options available to you. Do not hesitate in consulting with more than one advisor for the best rates.

Rule #4 – Listen to your inner voice. 

Everyone is blessed with an inner voice. An intuition or gut feeling. It is there to serve a purpose so never ignore it when it tells you something does not feel right. Although this inner voice might sometimes also be wrong, there are plenty of free online psychic reading advisors out there that you must never settle for somebody that feels fishy.

If a free psychic reader says something along the lines that you are under a terrible curse but he/she can lift or undo it with some extra dollars, know you have been bamboozled.

Rule #5 – Don’t hesitate to ask questions for clarification. 

For the best free online psychic reading experience and more importantly, to get a better understanding of your current standing in life, be sure to ask questions. A free psychic reader who is authentic will entertain all your concerns since for him/her the ultimate objective is always going to be your well-being. Whereas, fake advisors who are just looking to make some easy bucks will become nervous, agitated, or even dismissive by your queries since they’re unable to answer them.

Rule #6 – Remember the promise of 100% accurate readings isn’t true.  

A free psychic reader who is actually the real deal can give you useful insights about your life. But they also know your future is not fixed and can change over time. That’s why a real advisor will never guarantee 100% true readings. They understand that their job is to give you direction in life.

Phony advisors, on the other end, will undertake pledges of 100% true tarot readings in order to mislead vulnerable sitters.

Set Sail for A Smooth Life Journey

We strongly believe everyone deserves a chance at living a life that’s best for them. As we said earlier in the start of this post, the waves of life are not smooth. But you do not necessarily have to ride the tide alone. With the right guidance and advice offered by online psychics, you can steer through even the harshest of waves and reach the shore safely.

There are several other networks providing psychic readings for free to people undergoing major life storms. But as our online family, we want nothing but the very best for you. And with these best free psychic reading networks, you’ll only receive nothing but the best – that’s our promise.

So, if you feel stuck in a life storm and need saving or want to prepare for potential future setbacks ahead of time, do give these networks a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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