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August 17, 2022

From online opportunities to degrees and certificates in major industries, students have more choices than ever

With Arizona State University forecasting a record number of undergraduate and graduate students this fall, the university is also expanding its degree and program offerings in a variety of areas.

New degrees for this fall include Genetic Counseling, Disability Studies, and Narrative and Emerging Media. Some courses are also being offered online for the first time. New certifications in areas such as indoor farming, technology leadership and supply chain management will help meet the growing demand for jobs in these areas.

Take a look at the new offerings this fall:


College of Health Solutions

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling, the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling prepares you for a successful career as a genetic counselor. The curriculum is taught by genetic counselors and medical geneticists, and students have the opportunity to participate in various field research experiences throughout Phoenix.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration and Policy (formerly known as the Science of Health Care) is now offered through ASU Online. The program provides students with fundamental knowledge of systems, processes and management in healthcare, based on concepts of leadership, social determinants of health, computer science, systems engineering and economics.

College of Integrative Arts and Sciences

The Master of Project Management program provides students with the expertise and knowledge needed for advanced positions as project managers and project leaders in a variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations. It is offered as both an immersion and ASU online program.

The Associate of Arts in the Military is designed to partner with the US Naval Community College to train Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members. It provides a comprehensive foundation for studying the history of war and warfare, the history of the regions identified in the National Defense Strategy, the process of US foreign policy, theories of international relations, and US political and military systems.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Department of Psychology is launching a new online Master of Science in Addiction Psychology. This program includes an in-person internship, conducted at the student’s place of residence, and prepares students to apply evidence-based treatment strategies. Continue reading.

The Center for Biology and Society Bachelor of Science in Biology and Society now has an ASU online degree option. This program explores how biology affects a range of ethical, historical, philosophical, political, and social issues.

Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The RN to MS Bridge provides an accelerated option for nurses who already hold an associate degree in nursing to pursue a graduate degree. Upon graduation, students earn a Master of Science in Nursing and are eligible to apply to the Edson College Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Continue reading.

Herberger Institute for Design and Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts has a new ASU online option for students. The program focuses on creating something original, working with your hands and getting messy. Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to professionally create their own art.

New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance), in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, enables students to engage in the innovative study of interdisciplinary arts practices and theories from a perspective developed over decades of the New College’s interdisciplinary arts and performance major.

In the Bachelor of Arts Disability Studies, students learn to confront the marginalization of people with disabilities and acquire skills in research, advocacy and policy making, which are becoming increasingly important in various professions. This degree is also in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies.

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Based at ASU’s California Center, the Master of Arts in Narrative and Emerging Media explores content creation techniques in augmented, virtual, and extended reality, as well as short-form digital, streaming, and virtual production. The program is a collaboration between the Cronkite School and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

The Bachelor of Science degree in Parks, Recreation and Sports Management from the School of Community Resources and Development combines two previous BS degrees – Community Sports Management and Parks and Recreation Management. Students in the program learn about wilderness, environmental communication, park and recreation management and policy, assessment and evaluation, and sports and recreation planning and programming.

WP Carey School of Business

The WP Carey School’s Bachelor of Arts in Business (Sports Business), a popular program on Tempe campus, is expanding to West campus this fall. The program also offers flexibility to students with core courses offered in an iCourse/ASU Sync format for those on the west campus.

Minor subjects, certificates and specializations

College of Integrative Arts and Sciences

The Indoor Farming Certificate provides specific training in indoor crop production and management, including the production of clean fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Students will gain knowledge and skills related to plant physiology, indoor crop production systems and facility management required for the emerging indoor farming industry.

The Certificate in Military Studies was developed in partnership with the US Naval Community College to provide military, veteran and non-military students with an interdisciplinary focus on national security, history and political science.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative has introduced a new technological leadership minor—a program that complements and enhances a student’s existing major with key competencies in interdisciplinary research, technology design, and collaborative leadership. It is available to both ASU online and immersion students and will soon be available as an interdisciplinary study concentration. Continue reading.

The School of Politics and Global Studies online Certificate in Global Security and Competitive Statecraft will deepen students’ understanding of current trends in military and technological innovation, geopolitical competition, and the changing global political and economic landscape. Continue reading.

ASU’s interdisciplinary certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics combines perspectives on economic, moral, and political issues that arise from, or should be considered, major social problems. The certificate is a collaboration between four ASU units: the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies; the School of Politics and Global Studies; the Department of Economics at the WP Carey School of Business; and the School of Civic and Economic Thinking and Leadership.

New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

The Biological Data Science certificate at the School of School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences offers students practical training at the interface of natural and mathematical sciences. Students will learn to manipulate “big data,” including generating and analyzing data using statistical and computational tool sets.

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences has a new minor in Aging. Students learn to design solutions in the areas of personal finance, transportation, increased demand for healthcare, assisted living, and recreational needs for an aging population.

The Applied Ethics minor at the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies is now available as an ASU online program. This minor offers students the opportunity to study a non-humanities field of study such as health sciences, economics and computer science from a humanities perspective.

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Business law is a new focus in the online Master of Legal Studies course. It offers students the opportunity to develop critical insights into the complex legal issues facing businesses today.

Intellectual property (IP) law is a new focus in the Master of Laws program. The IP law program includes offerings in patent law, trademark law, copyright and trade secret law, as well as IP law and society. Continue reading.

Arizona Legal Paraprofessional is a new concentration in the Master of Legal Studies program. Students have access to the expert faculty and curriculum resources to provide non-lawyers and limited legal practitioners with the knowledge, expertise, and preparation needed for admission.

WP Carey School of Business

New degree programs for the third semester can help master’s students without an MBA degree to better align their degrees with their career goals. For example PhD students who deserve one Masters Degree in Business Analytics may track tracks in cloud computing and tech consulting, fintech, marketing analytics or supply chain analytics; Master of Science in Finance Students can advance their careers with the Analytic Methods track; and students who earn a Master of Science in Global Logistics can select a track in Business Analytics. All degree programs in the third semester include a summer internship and targeted professional preparation.

Top photo: Students work at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication on the ASU campus in downtown Phoenix. Photo by FJ Gaylor

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