Ex-PM and Governor-General both defend the creation of secret ministerial posts in Australia | Panda Anku

Former Liberal-National Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Governor-General David Hurley, a former military chief, both issued defiant statements yesterday defending their joint actions in 2020 and 2021 as they secretly moved Morrison to at least five key ministerial portfolios in response built in ruling-class fears of growing social unrest sparked by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Morrison and David Hurley (Photos: AP/Kiyoshi Ota, Office of the Governor General of Australia)

These belligerent attempts to justify the unprecedented concentration of vast and potentially dictatorial powers in the hands of the Prime Minister, entirely behind the backs of the populace, must be a further warning of the willingness of the corporate, political and military intelligence establishment to back down on the Facade of the increasingly tattered parliamentary framework when confronted with public health, economic and political crises.

Equally significant yesterday were the increasingly apparent efforts by the current Labor Party Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and his ministers – urged, aided and abetted by the corporate media – to cover up what the revelations of the past few days have revealed about the real underhanded workings of the capitalist state behind the fig leaf of Parliament. In particular, Albanese continued to absurdly portray these developments as simply the product of Morrison as an individual, while rushing to defend the Governor-General whose own dictatorial “reserve” powers of the British monarchy were used to dismiss an elected government in 1975. that of Gough Whitlam.

In fact, Albanese and Morrison are on a unit card when defending Hurley. Albanese said the governor-general was not at fault, while Morrison said Hurley “acted with absolute appropriateness.” But it is already evident that Hurley knew that his repeated appointments from Morrison to one ministry after another were not publicly disclosed. Hurley’s part in this political crisis is doubly significant given that, as a former Defense Forces chief, like his Viceroyal predecessor Sir Peter Cosgrove, he appeared to have had close ties at the highest level with the military and intelligence establishments and their partners in the US and Britain. Hurley’s central involvement as Queen’s representative in Morrison’s power accumulation means that key figures throughout these networks, including in London and Washington, must have been aware of and supported these processes.

Alarm bells were ringing in ruling capitalist circles yesterday at widespread public outrage over the revelations and orders to end the rioting as soon as possible Australian Financial Report editorial. It warned Albanese that its initial accusation about “destroying democracy” was “exaggerated,” as were calls that “Mr. drumming Morrison out of Parliament”.

Morrison and Hurley’s comments yesterday raised far more questions than they allegedly answered. What has been made known to the public so far is clearly just the tip of the iceberg.

The most glaring contradiction in Morrison’s press conference yesterday was his protest that he was under public pressure to take personal control of the response to the pandemic. But all these steps were kept secret from the public! Additionally, as the records of the pandemic show, the primary preoccupation of the Morrison, state and territory governments has been to limit safety measures as much as is politically feasible, despite popular demands, and then to work as quickly as possible to lift restrictions, to meet the demands of big business.

Equally untenable was Morrison’s insistence that he had acted correctly because he had not personally used – or could not remember having used – any of the extraordinary powers conferred on the ministers he had deposed except for a planned one Permission to suspend oil exploration project along the New South Wales coast ahead of this year’s May 21 general election.

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