Evergreen Shipping transforms operating model with Avaya Cloud Office to reduce global port congestion | Panda Anku

CORPORATE NEWS: The Evergreen Shipping Agency has reported unprecedented employee engagement since its move to remote work, powered by Avaya technology.

The company’s adoption of the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral communications and collaboration platform has resulted in record levels of customer service availability as the shipping industry navigates supply chain disruptions and port congestion.

Evergreen Shipping Agency is a local container shipper that operates vessels and TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) worldwide.

When remote work was mandated in 2021, Evergreen sought to transform the way its employees approach work through a redesigned collaboration system — a move that Sam Read, junior vice president of Evergreen Shipping Agency, said spurred on by the limited capabilities of an earlier platform.

“Our previous collaboration system was unstable and often dropped during calls between customers and employees,” said Read. “We needed to ensure customers had an excellent experience as 90% of our employees have transitioned to working remotely. Smooth release of cargo depends on effective communication with our documentation and import departments – as well as a high level of security and compliance on our part.”

The cloud-based Avaya Cloud Office platform enabled Evergreen employees to work remotely and securely with access to consolidated “office-in-a-pocket” capabilities, including video conferencing, messaging and calling. Read said this has increased engagement between colleagues and the transition has been completed with minimal disruption to Evergreen’s processes, with flowing benefits for customers.

“The face-to-face interaction offered by video conferencing has strengthened cross-departmental collaboration to a degree we’ve never seen before — so much so that we’ve now completely transformed the way we work, with remote working as an integral part.”

“Our employees now enjoy greater flexibility, while our customers can contact employees outside of the traditional working day. Also, we can instantly add new agents as needed to handle increased workloads. We used to have to wait up to two days for this.”

“Indeed, the increased availability of customer service has helped alleviate the congestion issues in ports and supply chains that have impacted the entire shipping industry.”

Read also said that insights from the platform’s data analytics capability have helped Evergreen gain a new level of visibility into its operations and gain insights into where and how to take the customer experience to a higher level.

“We now have a treasure trove of expanded insights into the customer experience we are delivering, which has given us a new ability to address customers’ unique needs. And that information helps us make better business decisions—such as: For example, increasing the number of employees in the departments when necessary or introducing employee training in areas that the data shows could be improved.”

Evergreen implemented Avaya Cloud Office with advice and support from cloud communications company and Avaya partner Captivo, which provided system integration and employee training for Evergreen’s local workforce.

Peter Nejaim, Director of Captivo Australia said: “The whole world depends on the successful movement of cargo by sea and the shipping industry has felt the impact of supply chain delays perhaps more than any other. With the expertise of our team, Evergreen was able to make the transition to remote working without compromising the customer or employee experience.”

Jeremy Paton, Avaya Asia Pacific Team Engagement Solutions Lead, said, “As the shipping industry has navigated uncharted waters over the past few years, it was critical that Evergreen’s employees needed access to a smooth, efficient and reliable collaboration, to offer customers certainty and transparency. We are grateful to be able to help simplify these processes and ensure Evergreen employees can do their jobs flexibly and effectively.”

About Evergreen Shipping Agency
Evergreen Shipping Agency is a local container shipper that operates vessels and TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) worldwide. Since its inception, Evergreen has been a global brand that symbolizes innovative, reliable and sustainable ocean transportation services. Its mission is to build efficient e-commerce platforms and accelerate its fleet renewal program by introducing ever greener container ships.

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