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Cheryl Ann Terrance passed away peacefully surrounded by family, friends and compassionate caregivers on August 18, 2022 in Rochester, MN. Cheryl had entered the Mayo Clinic’s inpatient palliative care setting after surviving a rare cancer for more than 3 years.

Cheryl was born on May 22, 1968 in Ottawa, Canada. She attended Carleton University in Ottawa, where she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology and her doctorate in 2000. Later that year, Cheryl moved to Grand Forks, ND, where she had accepted an assistant professorship in the University of North Dakota School of Psychology. She received employment and regular promotions at UND, achieving full professor status in 2014 and becoming director of forensic psychology programs in 2015.

Teaching was one of Cheryl’s diverse passions. Cheryl used unorthodox teaching methods and drew on her enthusiasm, making Cheryl one of the most popular professors on the faculty. She took great pride in knowing that she had made significant connections by mentoring dozens if not hundreds of students. A social psychologist, Cheryl has had diverse research interests including jury decision making and victim perceptions in the courtroom.

Advocacy was perhaps Cheryl’s deepest passion. Mainly promoting the rights of women and LGBTQIA members. In 2005, Cheryl became a faculty advisor for the Ten Percent Society, UND’s LGBTQIA student group. Through this ability, Cheryl was able to encourage, empower, and support many more students in many different ways. She was persistently involved in organizing and attending events and acted as a liaison between the community and the university.

Cheryl worked hard to follow those passions so she could play hard, another passion. Playing hard meant finding a party, preferably Halloween, or dressing up and going last. Playing hard also meant going on vacation several times a year, some for up to 12 weeks, mainly for diving and snorkeling.

Cheryl will probably be remembered most for her relaxed, welcoming nature, enthusiasm and zest for life which made her easy to converse with. She was inspirational, sharp-witted, quick-witted, always up for a debate and known for making friends quickly. Many lifelong friends from a very diverse group of friend circles from around the world.

A great many of these friends have been extremely supportive of Cheryl over the past few years and have helped strengthen Cheryl’s spirit. Special thanks to: our wonderful friend Jodi Evenson who is always there to help in any way she can when we are out. Mayo Clinic palliative care teams, who made long hospital stays and dark days brighter and offered a variety of alternative therapies. And finally, Facetime because it’s an easy-to-use video conferencing tool that makes family members 1500 miles away feel like they’re by Cheryl’s side.

As well as a large group of friends and extended family, Cheryl will also be greatly missed by her husband Neil Wade; parents Brian and Sandra Terrance; sisters Cathy and Karen Terrance; brothers-in-law Leo Hebert and Jason Schiller, as well as nephews Ronnie, Nicolas and Brandon and great-niece Nia.

A celebration of Cheryl’s life will take place on September 8, 2022 at Lincoln Drive Park, Shelter No. 4 held at Grand Forks. Beginning with an informal meeting at 3:00 p.m., speakers should begin around 5:00 a.m., and food and refreshments will follow. We hope you will consider participating.

For those who would like to help continue Cheryl’s passion of empowering and encouraging students to find a better future, please stay tuned. An endowment fund is currently being established in Cheryl’s name by UND Psychology and the Alumni Association to fund scholarships. Details should be available at the September 8 celebration.

For those who would like to make a donation in Cheryl’s memory, she encouraged people to support the following groups:

PMP Pals, a support group for patients with appendicitis and their caregivers.

Appendix Cancer Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Research Foundation focused on funding and supporting research to find a cure for Appendix Cancer and PMP.

The SOL International Foundation supports the education and quality of life of children in Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

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