How zookeepers lure animals through heat waves | news | Panda Anku

How zookeepers lure animals through heat waves |  news

DENVER — Siberian tigers Yuri and Nikita at the Denver Zoo, due to mate, are suffering the most from Denver’s intensifying 95-degree heatwaves, and janitors are delivering cooling ice “goblets” from the zoo’s busy freezers. Zoo keepers have also set up an industrial fan behind a smoke generator aimed at the polluted orange-and-black tigers. Sometimes … Read more

Vermeiden Sie die Massen mit diesen Attraktionen und Erlebnissen in Walt Disney World | Panda Anku

Country Bear Jamboree

Eines der größten Probleme, mit denen viele Gäste während eines Urlaubs im Walt Disney World Resort konfrontiert sind, sind hohe Besucherzahlen, die zu langen Wartezeiten, vollen Restaurants und vielem mehr führen können. Das Urlaubsziel ist so beliebt geworden, dass es fast zu jeder Jahreszeit überfüllt sein wird, aber es gibt einige großartige Möglichkeiten, große Menschenmassen … Read more

Animals Asia unveils its final sanctuary in Vietnam to rescue endangered moon and sun bears | Panda Anku

Animals Asia has unveiled the location of its new sanctuary in Bach Ma, Vietnam, bringing it one step closer to ending the country’s cruel, antiquated and illegal practice of bear bile farming. The practice has pushed Asiatic black bears (aka moon bears) and Malayan sun bears to extinction in the country. To celebrate this milestone, … Read more

Asia’s forgotten bears | Panda Anku

Asia's forgotten bears

The giant panda is an icon of China and therefore of the whole of Asia. It connects people’s emotions for both its endangered status and its undeniable cuteness factor — two things that are easily marketed when it comes to raising money for conservation. There are actually five bears from Asia. All are at risk, … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt and the teddy bear | Panda Anku

Theodore Roosevelt and the teddy bear

The story that led to the creation of the teddy bear occurred more than a century ago when President Theodore Roosevelt was visiting central west Mississippi and northeastern Louisiana. This article tells that story and celebrates the impact Roosevelt had on this part of the nation. Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex (in Mississippi and … Read more

Too many of India’s sloth bears, dholes, die in street killings – The Wire Science | Panda Anku

Too many of India's sloth bears, dholes, die in street killings - The Wire Science

An Asian wild dog or dhole. Photo: Davidvraju/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY SA 4.0 Eight top predators found in India, including the sloth bear, tiger and dhole, are among the world’s most vulnerable due to road accidents, a new study finds. The results of the study could still be underestimated as in many countries, including India, … Read more