From Alaska to Florida, Fernandina’s Anika Richards wins All-First Coast golf | Panda Anku

Anika Richards of Fernandina Beach High School is the Times-Union's First Coast player of the year in girls golf.

What’s it like to grow up playing golf in Alaska?  Well, in Anika Richards’ case, more wildlife than humans witnessed her first hole-in-one.  Richards, a Fernandina Beach High graduate and the 2022 Times-Union First Coast high school girls golfer of the year, was playing with a friend at the Anchorage Golf Course in July of … Read more

Emmys Spotlight: The Story Behind Netflix’s Ambitious Stop-Motion Animation The House | features | Panda Anku

Emmys Spotlight: The Story Behind Netflix's Ambitious Stop-Motion Animation The House |  features

In the 18th century, a poverty-stricken household finds that their lives have changed when they are gifted an imposing house by a mysterious benefactor. In the present day, a hardworking real estate developer – who happens to be a mouse – is sidelined by his thwarted attempts to sell his luxury renovation. And in the … Read more

Rhododendrons and Snow Leopards Check out these 5 unexplored national parks in the Himalayas | Panda Anku

Rhododendrons and Snow Leopards, Check Out These 5 Unexplored National Parks Of Himalayas

Undiscovered National Parks of the Himalayas: Although there is a vibrant biodiversity in India, it is still unexplored. As problems such as pollution and animal-human conflicts increase every day, protecting and caring for wildlife is all the more important. India has many biodiversity reserves and parks that aim to preserve, conserve and care for natural … Read more

Jeremy Allen White Dishes about the bear and the adrenaline rush of the high-stakes restaurant world | Panda Anku

Jeremy Allen White Dishes about the bear and the adrenaline rush of the high-stakes restaurant world

(Photo by Matt Dinerstein/FX) The Hulu series The bear is an eight-episode adrenaline rush of movement, danger, damage control and trauma. It even begins with star Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy rescuing a roaring brown bear who’s chasing his dreams: a metaphor for both the anxiety he feels about quitting his job at a high-end New … Read more

How some polar bears are adapting to climate change | Panda Anku

Three polar bears

Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic sea ice on which polar bears hunt and limiting their access to food. A recent study has found a remote population of polar bears that have adapted to prey on glacial ice. The results could provide insight into how polar bears have survived previous warm periods over the past … Read more

Bear Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings Of A Bear Spirit Animal | Panda Anku


While bears may be intimidating and frightening to most people, they are incredibly fascinating creatures who have been the subject of mythology and legends for centuries. And though there are only eight species of bears, they have habitats in South America, Europe, Asia, and North America; bears exist on all continents except Africa, Antarctica, and … Read more