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Buffalo Bill’s general manager Brandon Beane’s candidness during interviews is something that makes him really endearing to this fan base. This week he appeared on Toronto’s OverDrive radio show, where he addressed a variety of topics ranging from struggles at training camp to expectations for star quarterback Josh Allen. Click on the tweet below for the link to the full interview or read the summaries.

How are the players doing so close to the start of the season?

Brandon Beane said it’s that time of year when all the boys compete. He then mentioned the struggles at training camp, saying, “We fight because we’re ready to hit someone else. It’s that point in the camp.” He also explained that some of the players are suffering from injuries after the first preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts.

The bright side of fighting at training camp

Beane recognized that the Bills are a competitive bunch and sometimes a player feels like someone has crossed the line with a hard hit or “talking trash.” “As long as it’s in good nature and especially when you’re walking off the field, it doesn’t carry into the dressing room. But I’d be a little nervous if we went through an entire training camp and we didn’t have a few scuffles,” added Beane.

Play or not play

A popular topic of conversation on social media right now is whether or not starters should play in preseason games. Beane was asked what goes into his decision on who plays and who doesn’t. He responded by saying that he and head coach Sean McDermott take a different approach each year and the biggest thing for them is to take a look at what the team needs.

He pointed to QB Josh Allen as an example. For the first few years he needed as many reps as they could give him, but now he’s not “behind” and can be a little more rested.

The next step for QB Josh Allen

Beane recognized Allen was on a “heater” in last year’s postseason, but says it’s not fair to expect the same thing every year because situations and teams will always be different. “We don’t hunt, we are the hunted. If you don’t do your best every week, you can lose,” the GM said. He also reiterated the importance of winning the division and getting more home games in the playoffs.

Has everything been addressed this offseason?

“I don’t think you’ll ever hear me say, ‘Man, we knocked it out of the park. We’ve filled a lot of holes.” We’re always trying to update either the starter or the backup,” Beane said. He explained that while he likes the depth of the Bills, he won’t stop them from adding new pieces as they see fit, either in preseason or later in the regular season.

The From

Brandon Beane was asked how linebacker Von Miller fits into the team and what he expects from the star. He immediately praised Miller, calling him a “first-choice Hall of Famer” and saying, “It’s hard to find talented guys like him who’ve won two Super Bowls that you can get your hands on, so was it’s great to bring him here. He was everything we asked for.” Beane also loves the way Von Miller coaches the younger players.

expectations of veterinarians

Brandon Beane said veterans like Josh Allen, Von Miller and wide receiver Stefon Diggs are the leaders and help set the tone of the team. When they’re healthy, they all want to play and be competitive, and none of them want to take a break. He added that it’s more about what they do than what they say.

The “Punt God”

Not surprisingly, the hosts wanted Brandon Beane’s opinion on rookie punter Matt Araiza. Sounding a bit dizzy, Beane responded by telling them that Araiza was confident and had a strong leg. There were some concerns about his ability to hold the football for kicker Tyler Bass, so Beane thought it was exciting for Araiza to be able to do that during the walk-off field goal against the Colts.

Proud to have played the Los Angeles Rams on opening night

“It’s exciting for our city, our team and our franchise to be a part of this opening Thursday and I know our boys will be excited when we come to LA,” replied Brandon Beane. As the host said, Buffalo is finally being recognized across the league for their hard work and talented roster by being earmarked for more nationally televised games.

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