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Back pain and eyestrain are virtually guaranteed when you stare at a laptop screen for any length of time, and that’s where large-screen monitors come in. We spoke to Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales and Marketing – IT Business, ViewSonic India. Here’s what buyers should consider before making their monitor selection.


Siddharth: How does a large screen monitor boost productivity at work and at home?

Sanjoy: Larger monitor screens are generally preferred in organizations and at home as they have been shown to increase productivity through the immersive viewing and working experience. In a recent survey conducted by International Data Corporation, it was found that 68% of users worldwide reported increased productivity when working on a notebook and an external monitor with longer periods of focused time on the tasks at hand.

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In addition, using small screen monitors brings various health complications such as eye fatigue, imbalanced biopsychological well-being, smaller fonts and shape sizes, and the like. With industry shifting to a hybrid work model, it has become crucial to provide employees with appropriate monitors to ensure productivity.

Siddharth: Not all monitors are the same, what features should users look for when choosing a high-end monitor gaming monitor?

Sanjoy: Specifications for gaming monitors and other computer components require sorting through a variety of features. It makes purchasing anything computer related extremely difficult. The evolution of gaming monitors has been very rapid. In India, we’ve noticed a clear preference for IPS monitors, which are known for having the most consistent and natural colors. However, until recently it was known that IPS monitors are not fast enough in terms of response time, which is essential for gaming.

Many different and high-end monitors have been launched in the last 2 years and the latest which is the most preferred is “Fast IPS” which has become a game changer in the market. On the other hand, gaming actually requires a frontal view and a VA panel, which scores higher than an IPS in terms of contrast ratio. The color shift associated with the VA panel doesn’t matter here. Gaming rightfully requires a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz and a response time of at least 1 ms is better and relevant for professional gamers.

Siddharth: What makes a monitor ideal for work and entertainment?

Sanjoy: One of the most important aspects of setting up a computer is choosing the best monitor for your work from home or regular use. When it comes to an ideal monitor, a 24-inch monitor with an ergonomic stand, IPS/VA panel type with high color accuracy and adaptive sync for displaying tear-free images/videos is the sweet spot.

Choosing the right monitor requires careful consideration of characteristics such as screen resolution, screen size, energy efficiency, design, technology used, number of ports, sound output, video output and more. With USB-C emerging as the unified standard for charging and data transfer. In addition, a high-speed display is emerging as the most important and fastest emerging must-have feature for the efficient use of monitors.

Siddharth: How are ViewSonic Monitors that ensure screen safety and what new features are built into monitors to make them safe for users

Sanjoy: ViewSonic has been the pioneer in offering high-end monitors since 1987 and has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception. ViewSonic designs its monitors on par with the security parameters. Many of their monitor SKUs have low EMI emissions and have been certified safe for pregnant women. We have adopted standards such as EPEAT, FCC-B and the latest generation TCO certification for minimum radiation levels.

ViewSonic’s VG and VP series monitors are designed with premium ergonomics and a +-40 degree tilt to adjust to the user’s posture. This reduces the need for a user to align their posture with the monitor, and rather the monitor aligns itself with the user’s posture. In particular, our VG and VP series are most preferred by corporate customers who see good ergonomics as a productivity enhancer, resulting in higher employee satisfaction.

Siddharth: Future Roadmap of ViewSonic Monitors in India (via Gaming/Other Collection)

Sanjoy: As the technology leader in the industry, ViewSonic will continue to innovate and develop new products in the industry. With many launches in different segments, we recently launched the world’s first Blur Buster 2.0 certified monitor – ViewSonic XG2431 – in India. ViewSonic also launched the first 16-inch portable monitor with OLED panel, which will soon be launched in India. As a brand, ViewSonic aims to lead the way for innovation in the industry. We are one of the very few who came up with the idea of ​​providing a 40 degree tilt for its VG and VP series.

ViewSonic has been the front runner for portable monitors for a while. Our VG Series has emerged as a pioneer in introducing a video conferencing monitor that features a focus light, noise cancellation, and built-in speakers and microphone. These monitors and technologies will be introduced to the Indian market at the same time as the global launches.

Siddharth: There is a big shift from mobile gaming to PC gaming, your views on the scope of PC gaming in India

Sanjoy: The Indian market has definitely seen a shift from mobile gaming to PC gaming in the past few years. Gaming in general has taken center stage in India, with more than 80% of the student community aged 14-25 viewing gaming as a passion or favorite pastime.

Pre-Covid we saw a booming cybercafe hub culture in youth, but post-Covid games from home with networks have become popular. ViewSonic is optimistic about this trend. Companies like Nvidia and AMD continue to nurture this community. A faster CPU with liquid cooling and a high refresh rate monitor are key ingredients for today’s gaming PC. We anticipate that with the arrival of 5G, the remote gaming culture will only grow in the country.

Siddharth: How does ViewSonic fit into affordability, performance and feature-rich products across different segments?

Sanjoy: Over the past 35 years, ViewSonic has been known for disrupting the market with premium quality products. We believe in product innovation and leadership, which translates into each of our product categories such as monitors, projectors, IFP, etc.

Because of our product leadership and performance-driven approach, we believe in our product, which is why we offer 3+ an additional 2-year warranty on all our monitors. We make sure our customers get the best premium product features and manufacture quality at an affordable price. ViewSonic positions itself as an innovator dedicated to the dynamic industry and ever-evolving technologies.

Siddharth: Inspiration for launching the XG2431 gaming monitor

Sanjoy: Our motivation behind innovating and operating a ViewSonic brand is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to offer consumers a better experience with premium quality through our extensive range of products.

Based on the current gaming wave in the industry, we wanted to offer the very best technology and experience as a brand to the gaming community in India. With a refresh rate of 240Hz, XG2431 is one of the fastest IPS with a response time of 0.5ms. The monitor is powered by AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology and a Blur Buster 2.0 calibration to provide a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Additionally, our See the Difference brand promise is ingrained in every aspect of monitor engineering, with user satisfaction, health and sustainability being the driving inspiration.


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