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While bears may be intimidating and frightening to most people, they are incredibly fascinating creatures who have been the subject of mythology and legends for centuries. And though there are only eight species of bears, they have habitats in South America, Europe, Asia, and North America; bears exist on all continents except Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.

When we think of bears, our first thought is probably about how large and protective they are of their families. We may also wonder about their survival during hibernation and harsh conditions, their hunting prowess, or even the darkness involving poaching and exploitation.

But with bear symbolism in mind, you’ll soon learn just how majestic and revered bears truly are.

Bear Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings Of Bears

Despite their reputation for their savagery and aggression, bears symbolize courage, strength and power, protection, curiosity, and trust. In addition, a bear represents spiritual power, harmony in nature, intuition, primal energy, and maternal love.

Though they are quite large animals, bears can run up to 35 mph depending on the species, and are able to move their limbs fast. They can also climb up trees and have good dexterity, making them perfect examples of what strength and vigor look like.

In addition to their hunting and agility, bears are protective and nurturing, especially towards their bear cubs. A mama bear will do anything in her power to protect her young, even against male bears who are known to kill cubs that aren’t theirs. Not only are bears loving and protective, but courageous as well.

Due to their high intelligence, bears are innately curious. Yes, they can be aggressive in certain circumstances, but their true nature is one that is playful and inquisitive!


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