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If you’ve been scouring the market for a new smartwatch, this is it Astonishing Brand would definitely have come up during your research. As an established player in the wearable segment, Amazfit is known for feature-rich smartwatches at a relatively affordable price point. That Amazfit T-Rex 2 I checked was no exception.

The successor to the popular Amazfit T-Rex, the T-Rex 2 offers a range of upgrades for a slightly higher price of RM799. So how does the T-Rex 2 compare to its competitors and more importantly, would this be your next smartwatch? Read on to find out!

Officially launched in Malaysia on July 6, 2022, the T-Rex 2 features a vibrant 1.39-inch circular AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. The display is bright, with a peak brightness of 1000 nits, making it easy to see even in direct sunlight, and the touchscreen is also excellent and responsive.

Although it’s not an LTPO display, the AMOLED panel features an always-on display and adaptive brightness control without sacrificing battery life too much. The smartwatch is available in four color variants – Astro Black & Gold, Ember Black, Wild Green, and Desert Khaki. In addition, it comes with a silicone strap fitted with a classic pin buckle and its body is made of polymer alloy.


The color variants of the T-Rex 2

t rex on hand.jpg

The T-Rex 2 fits my wrist well, although it’s a bit bulkier than its predecessor

Design left right .jpg

A closer look at the design of the smartwatch

The smartwatch is bulkier than the original T-Rex, weighing 66.5 grams and measuring 22mm in thickness. But it’s still relatively lightweight for everyday use and outdoor activities, as it’s intended. In fact, the T-Rex 2 is only slightly thicker than its predecessor, which is pretty impressive considering the hefty (for a smartwatch) 500mAh battery.

In terms of design, the T-Rex 2 retains the classic round watch motif of the original, albeit with some notable refinements. If you put it next to the original T-Rex, you can see that the T-Rex 2 looks more elegant, especially in this color Ember Black. The round design also makes it look like a regular watch, a plus for those who aren’t fans of the “technical” look that other smartwatches exude.

If you like to stand out and have a more ‘tactical’ look, we recommend the Desert Khaki or Wild Green color options. Still, I’m not a big fan of the T-Rex branding on the bottom of the smartwatch and the different typefaces next to the four buttons. In my opinion, the watch looks much more elegant and minimalistic without it.

T-Rex 2 Box.jpg

The box of the T-Rex 2

Compare t rex.jpg

The T-Rex 2 (Black) is slightly bulkier than the original T-Rex (Green)

Borrowing from previous T-Rex smartwatches, the wearable’s main highlight is its ruggedness. And with the T-Rex 2, Amazfit doubles the durability. Its water resistance has been increased to 10 ATM and it has even passed 15 military tests, including MIL-STD-810G certification for drop and shock resistance.

Its merits in terms of durability don’t stop there either. Amazfit claims that the smartwatch is super tough from the inside out. Among other things, it is able to handle up to 70 degrees Celsius heat, -40 degrees cold resistance, 240 hours moisture resistance, 96 hours salt spray resistance, ice and freezing rain resistance and shock resistance.

While I won’t be testing these claims any time soon, I’d say that so far I’ve been impressed with its robustness. The T-Rex 2 survived without a scratch, even after a few hikes and a jungle trekking trip to a waterfall.



The T-Rex 2’s user interface is intuitive

As for the specs, Amazfit hasn’t revealed the chip or RAM capacity that powers the smartwatch under the hood. However, the wearable itself offers only basic “smart” features that don’t require a lot of processing power. That said, the ZeppOS that runs the T-Rex 2 has some unique features, including its very own mini-apps that can be downloaded from the Zepp app’s app store.

One feature not available in the T-Rex 2 version was real-time navigation and the ability to import GPS routes onto the wearable. Luckily, Amazfit kept its promise and rolled out an update in early August 2022. Both of these new features work well enough and are handy, although setting them up can be quite complicated. For example, importing routes requires you to create a custom file and a separate app to sync it with the T-Rex 2, which could frustrate users. Also, both functions only work in conjunction with an Android smartphone, which is a shame for iPhone users who want to use the T-Rex 2 as an alternative to the Apple Watch.

Realtime Navigation.jpg

The offline route feature works well, but setting it up might be a headache

Route import.jpg

The real-time navigation function of the T-Rex 2

In fact, the experience of pairing with an iOS device is far worse compared to an Android smartphone. For example, notifications on the smartwatch are only limited to specific apps when paired with an iPhone. On Android, you can customize virtually any notification to appear on the T-Rex 2. Additionally, the Zepp app always sends notifications to the smartwatch even when your iPhone’s display is on, which is not only redundant but can get really annoying fast. The same problem does not occur when you connect it to an Android device.

Also, there are mini-apps that can be helpful, such as: B. Calculator, GoPro camera control, smartphone camera control, smart home controller Home Connect, Memo and more. However, most of these apps only work if you connect the smartwatch to an Android device. Additionally, there’s no onboard storage to upload songs to, or a built-in microphone and speaker to take calls right on the smartwatch.

t rex 2 ui.jpg

The mini apps available for the T-Rex 2, its latest update version and the Zepp app user interface

Being a fitness and outdoors oriented smartwatch, Amazfit has added 158+ sports modes for all your workout needs. It’s also decent to “gamify” your workouts via the Zepp app. You can compete with your friends for the best workouts, although they also need to own an Amazfit smartwatch for this to actually be useful.

There’s also a setting to automatically detect up to 8 workouts, which work decently well, although I’ve had a few instances where the watch thought I was cycling when I was actually in a moving car. Speaking of which, the GPS dual band and 5 satellite positioning was also accurate. Coupled with the imported route function, you can leave your smartphone at home during outdoor exercises.

Sleep Trex 2.jpg

The T-Rex 2’s sleep monitoring data in the Zepp app

Health data t rex.jpg

Other health metrics of the T-Rex 2 as displayed in the Zepp app

The T-Rex 2 features a variety of health tracking sensors, including Amazfit’s proprietary BioTracker 3.0 PG biometric sensor. It offers 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and stress levels. It can also detect your breathing rate and be easily prompted to measure these 4 key health metrics with a simple tap. In addition, there is the PeakBeats workout status algorithm, which evaluates specific data such as maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), recovery time, training load and training effect.

Sleep tracking works well too. You can monitor your sleep quality in the Zepp app using a variety of data collected by the T-Rex 2. This includes daytime sleep stages and naps, the quality of sleep breathing at night, and even suggestions for improving sleep habits. In this regard, I’m also a big fan of using the smartwatch as a stealth alarm, where you can be woken up by the vibration of the T-Rex 2 on your wrist, rather than a loud alarm disturbing your spouse or roommate. Speaking of which, the vibration motors on the device are noticeably better, which I think gives the smartwatch a more premium feel.

As far as battery life goes, the T-Rex 2 was outstanding. During my month of use, I only had to charge it three times with relatively heavy use. It can easily last up to 3 weeks on a single charge with intermittent use. The 500 mAh battery is charged via a special charger in the box and fully charges the smartwatch from 7 percent in 1 hour 30 minutes. There’s also a battery saver mode that disables many features but extends the T-Rex 2’s battery life even further. In fact, after turning on the battery saver mode, the battery stayed at 7 percent even after 24 hours at the same percentage.

battery saver.jpg

Battery saver mode allows you to further extend battery life

battery charge.jpg

It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge from 7 percent

All in all, the T-Rex 2 is a solid smartwatch at a competitive price of RM799. If you’re looking for a portable device for your workouts and outdoor adventures, its long battery life and rugged durability make it a compelling choice.

One thing to consider, if your budget allows, is whether you should spend more on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (RM899). Compared to the T-Rex 2, the Galaxy Watch4 offers advanced features as a wearable device. But you must be in the Samsung ecosystem to fully utilize it.

Another option to consider is Amazfit’s other smartwatch offerings, like the GTR2, which has other notable features like onboard storage, a microphone, and a speaker. However, battery life and durability aren’t as good as the T-Rex 2, and it lacks real-time navigation and route import.

So what do you think of the T-Rex 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to TechNave for more trending tech news and in-depth reviews like this one.

Specifications and Features

This is the list of official specifications of Amazfit T-Rex 2:

  • 47.1 x 47.1 x 13.65mm, 66.5 grams
  • 10ATM water resistance, MIL-STD-810G
  • 1.39-inch AMOLED display, 454 x 454 pixel resolution (326 PPI)
  • 500mAh battery
  • ZeppOS
  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, GPS dual band and 5 satellite positioning
  • BioTracker 3.0 PG biometric sensor (supports blood oxygen, 6PD), accelerometer, gyroscope sensor. Geomagnetic sensor, barometric altimeter, ambient light sensor
  • 158+ sport modes,
  • Android 7 and above, iOS 12 and above

Advantages: Long battery life, extremely robust and a vivid display

Disadvantages: No onboard storage, the Zepp app can be quite buggy and doesn’t work well with iPhones

Conclusion: Great for those looking for an affordable GPS smartwatch to complement their active, outdoor lifestyle

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