90% of Americans would choose not to fly an airline or stay in a hotel again after a negative customer service experience | Panda Anku

Mitto’s survey results show how the aviation and hospitality industries can develop the quality customer support that Americans now expect

ZURICH, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wednesday, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, today announced new research into customer experience in the travel and hospitality industry and found a strong correlation between the standard of customer support and consumer attitudes towards these brands. Poor customer support can drastically affect the bottom line of an airline or hotel brand as 90% of consumers who experienced a negative interaction would choose not to give business to that particular airline or hotel in the future unless there was no alternative. Additionally, 30% and 42% said they would never fly with this airline or stay at this hotel again.

Amid travel disruptions, brands should prioritize CX quality

The travel industry has been on the move over the past year, with flight delays and disruptions at an all-time high after the pandemic restrictions were weathered, coupled with soaring airfares. 64% of Americans had their most recent flight delayed, and more than half (55%) of travelers expect delays during Labor Day weekend. But the speed and manner in which those delays are communicated play a key role in the overall consumer experience.

Travelers reported the following preferences for airline customer care interactions:

  • Communication and solutions must be quick: Around two-thirds (64%) wanted quick solutions, followed by 50%, who prioritized quick communication and short waiting times. The majority (54%) of people don’t want to wait in line for more than 10 minutes.
  • SMS lists the communication channels: The need for fast brand interactions can be supported by the fact that 40% of consumers prefer to communicate with an airline via SMS during peak travel times. Over the past year, most brand conversations have been conducted in person or via email, with just 15% saying airlines offer SMS as an option.

“The travel and hospitality industry is uniquely poised to surprise and delight consumers. Even if 55% of travelers expect delays during Labor Day weekend, airlines can still foster positive customer experiences by rethinking how they communicate with customers,” he said Andrea Giacmini, CEO of Mitto. “Our research shows that even in the face of flight delays and other vacation disruptions, quality customer care would result in a better experience. It’s critical that the travel and hospitality industry understands travelers’ preferences and can leverage a wide range of communication channels to be able to connect with customers on the channels they prefer and create those positive interactions.”

Mitto revealed that more than half (61%) of consumers believe customer support in the travel industry has either stayed the same or gotten better since the COVID-19 pandemic, with 30% having even higher expectations today than before. Brands can’t afford to hit the brakes on the CX now. 30% of respondents believe that a positive past experience is the most important aspect when choosing an airline, underlining the need for quality support.

CX lessons airlines can learn from hotels

While airlines have opportunities to enhance their customer care experiences, hotels are reporting immensely positive incidents. In fact, 95% of Americans have had a positive or neutral hotel experience in the past year. The biggest advocates of a positive hotel experience are:

  • Helpful representatives (66%): Notably, nearly half (46%) still prioritize contactless interactions at the hotel.
  • Fast Interactions (61%): In particular, 77% prefer quick self-service options, including messaging a hotel via an app or SMS, rather than calling or going to the front desk.

Survey Methodology: These results are based on a Pollfish survey of 1,000 Americans. The poll came in Aug 2022.

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